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In many ways, pop culture misconceptions have failed us when it comes to plastic surgery. A lot of people believe that it’s a medical branch of science designed for only the rich and famous, and used mainly to simply improve their appearance for reasons of vanity. However, if you were to ask a plastic surgeon, they would tell you that it’s not the case at all. Thinking about plastic surgery doesn’t mean that you’re a vain person, first of all. There are many people who seek plastic surgery as a part of a treatment or following a medical procedure, and in many cases, it’s a key part of helping them return to their normal confidence. However, there are a few things that people should understand before committing to the process.

For one thing, a lot of the time, when it comes to plastic surgery, people expect a full conversion of their body or face, but need to be a bit more grounded. According to Dr. Andrew Lofman, a plastic surgeon in MI, you should have realistic expectations when it comes to your treatment. “If you are 50 and looking to return to your 30-year-old body, that is not realistic. Plastic surgery can help to enhance the appearance of your current body. Your surgeon may recommend more than one treatment to attain the results you’re looking for, i.e., a mommy makeover along with a breast augmentation, for example.”

Perhaps the best way to approach the issue is by asking a lot of questions to yourself about what exactly is triggering your interest in plastic surgery now. For example, what exactly is your reasoning for trying to get the procedure done? Is it a case where an accident or medical procedure has left an unsightly scar or something similar, and you just want to get it restored? A lot of time, this is pretty reasonable, and in some case, plastic surgery is a natural component of other surgical procedures.

However, where things start to get a little more complicated is when people associate plastic surgery with emotional or life goals. For example, are you hoping that getting plastic surgery to change your features or appearance will somehow advance your own personal relationships or social situations, you may want to try and slow down. Mental health treatment like basic counseling is a good idea before making a plastic surgery commitment, in order to make sure that this is really something you want, and not something you are thinking about to deal with an issue. There’s no guarantee that feelings of anxiety or loneliness will go away with plastic surgery.

Eugene Elliott, M.D., a board-certified plastic surgeon at Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center in Fountain Valley, California, suggest that one of the best ways for people to keep their expectations  in check when it comes to plastic surgery is to try and have a very specific vision of what you want your plastic surgery to accomplish. In his experience, he says that the happiest patients that he has are the ones who use their surgery to fix one specific issue and normalize the body as opposed to trying to enhance it.

Weight loss

Another thing to understand about plastic surgery is the concrete side of things. For example, are you fully prepared to deal with the cost of plastic surgery? In addition, your health is also going to play a role. The ideal candidate for plastic surgery, like most surgical procedures, should be in good general health, as well as not have any other factors that may impact the procedure, like excessive weight or smoking. One potentially good idea, especially for people looking for plastic surgery to deal with weight, may be giving things a try naturally before instantly going to plastic surgery. These weight loss tips might help get the results you want without having to go through the procedure.

At the end of the day, there are a lot of plastic surgery procedures out there, and you would probably be surprised about what these procedures can accomplish. However, in many cases, people expect the treatment to change their lives instantly, and that’s not realistic. Any good plastic surgeon that you meet with should help you assess what you can expect to change from your procedure, and what will stay the same. In general, it’s also a good idea to be in a balanced mental health state when making your final decision. Have concrete goals in mind and a level head, and you’re a lot more likely to be happy with what happens.


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    My sister is thinking about getting a mommy makeover after she has her last child later this year. I liked that you pointed out that she should be realistic about her expectations. It seems like she should talk to a doctor about what can be done.

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