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I'll admit it sometimes when I talk to the kids I feel like its a one sided conversation and in all honestly I'd have better luck if I just answered my own questions.  You know that moment after school while you're unpacking their backpacks and signing the agenda you wonder what they've done at school so you ask “how was math today” or “did you have buddy reading” hoping the guided questions will require more then a yes or no answer.  Usually I am lucky to get the one word answers.  I decided to take this head on as a challenge to get them to talk to me because I actually want to know how their day was and what they're learning at school.  I decided that an interview would be a lot of fun and with the OneDay app it was simple!

Quick and Easy Home Video with OneDay App!

The OneDay app makes it easy to interview your child by giving question prompts that you can record the answers to.  At the end of the “interview” you can create a movie capturing the whole conversation.  We had a lot of fun playing around with the app yesterday and made it a whole family event.  Cheyenne took turns interviewing everyone and I even caught her making her own video before she went to bed.

A word of advice: practice the tongue twisters BEFORE you're asked to say them on video.

Quick and Easy Home Video with OneDay App!

I plan on using this app all the time especially during the holidays or at a bridal or baby shower to capture all the special advice and those memories we want to cherish forever.  The stories are broken down into 3 categories:

  1. Babies/Toddlers
  2. Kids
  3. Adults

After you choose the person you're questioning and the category then you have to choose the theme and they've thought of everything from about you to your honeymoon.  I wish I was creative enough to come up with some of the questions they have but they've made the format simple to use and easy to create your own video that you don't even need creativity, well maybe in your answers!

Download the OneDay app and create a quick and easy home video today!


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