Quick and Easy Holiday Planning


This quick and easy holiday planning guide will help you keep sane and organized through the holidays!

I know this is early but it seems like Christmas and holiday planning always sneaks up on me so I thought why not make it simple.  I have these fun printables I use to stay organized and thought I should share them, after all keeping sane during the holidays is at the top of my list!  I have started getting my timing down on cooking and having the meals ready at the perfect time for everyone to enjoy but with Thanksgiving just around the corner it is the perfect time to give your big meal a test run and plan for perfect timing!

Quick and Easy Holiday Planner

Quick and Easy Holiday Planning Guide


In this quick and easy holiday planning package you will find:

  • Christmas Gifts Checklist
  • Christmas Wishlist
  • Secret Santa Planner
  • Christmas Dinner Menu
  • Christmas Grocery List
  • Letter from Santa

I am sure there are a ton of other printables that would make this package complete but for me this is the perfect place to start.  I have to say my favorite is the Christmas Dinner Menu!  You might want to grab my turkey brine recipe to save a little time! Talk about quick and easy the thinking is taken out of the whole process for you, take a peek:

Quick and Easy Dinner Menu and Prep

I have packaged all six printables into an easy to download pdf that you're going to love!  I am all about taking time to visit and enjoy the holidays so anything I can do to make meals and planning quick and simple I use.  A peek at the shopping list:

Quick and Easy Christmas Wishlist

Need some shopping inspiration check out the Real Momma Gift Ideas!

Now you are probably wondering how you can download this holiday planning guide.  I've made that simple just CLICK HERE and you get all 6 pages in one quick and easy .pdf file!  Hold tight the download might take a little extra time its a BIG file 🙂

I hope you enjoy this quick and easy holiday planning guide!


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