Put Your New Mom Skills To Good Use With These Career Options


If you have recently had a little bundle of joy make an appearance into your world, the chances are that you’re basking in the warm glow of new motherhood. From this moment on, your first thought every morning and your last thought each night will be your little human being. The unconditional love you feel for your son or daughter can be overwhelming at times, but you are relishing every moment you get to nurture and spend time with your offspring. Bringing new life into the world is incredible, but at the same time, you may not want to take on the mantle of a full-time mom role. Eventually, you’d like to head back to work. However, you may not want to venture back to the office, sit for eight hours a day in front of a laptop and work within the corporate sector. Check out these career options that could utilize your newfound mommy skills.

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With your new caring instincts, there could be no more suitable career than nursing. You could even choose to specialize in pediatrics. This would give you more chance to spend your days with younger people. While you’ve been looking after your own little one, you may have found that you have a particular affinity with children. Working alongside the babies, toddlers and adolescents can be challenging and emotionally draining, but also a lot of fun with every day offering new challenges.


If the thought of a hospital environment makes you feel a little uneasy or the sight of blood makes you go weak at the knees, you may want to explore another caring profession. Armed with an online mental health degree, you could choose to pursue a job as a counselor. Showing patience, being able to listen, demonstrating a caring attitude and being able to think logically when solving problems are all ideal traits for this profession. You could work within the community or within the charity sector to help the most vulnerable members of society with mental health issues, grief or depression.

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Freelance Writer

Many new moms realize they adore caring for their little one so much that they don’t want to spend a moment away from them. While this makes heading back to work a bit more difficult, you can always set yourself up working from home in a freelance capacity. You could choose to break into copywriting if you have an eye for words and semantics, provide accountancy services for small firms if you have a finance qualification or you may want to set up a mommy blog! Try and play to the skill set you have and launch your new career from the comfort of your own home.


Just because you want to go back to work after you’ve had your little one, doesn’t mean you have to return to the same 9 to 5 job you had before. Think outside the box and use these ideas as inspiration when making your next career move.

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