How Preschool Songs Help Your Child Learn


We have all had the experience of listening to the radio when a song comes on that you haven't heard in ages. Right away you start to sing along like you heard it yesterday, you don't miss a single word. Amazing right. Well not really. You probably heard it a hundred times in it's hay day. Repetition!  Now I have a few songs stuck in my head just thinking of it, oh the memories!


How Preschool Songs Help Your Child Learn

Kids are no different. Those songs like Wheels on the Bus and The Itsy Bitsy Spider help your child learn simple concepts through repetition. Singing along to these simple songs helps them to become familiar with new words and concepts. Take the “Old McDonald” song for example, it helps young children learn the sounds that animals make and there are songs that help with numbers and colors.  You might want to break the DVD they're watching when it comes on though because you get these songs stuck in your head for the rest of the day too, but remember they're learning!

Singing also helps young children feel confident and less shy around the other children. And when you add fun hand motions and wiggles to the song the kids really come to life. Exposing them to music at an early age is will encourage their love for music as they grow.

Music is a magical gift! Scientific evidence proves that children who have been exposed to music at an early age make better math and science students later on. Children that sing are less likely to be overly stressed and have a more positive emotional profile.  There are so many benefits to music that it is remarkable.

Music and singing have a positive impact on all aspects of child learning and development so next time sing along and support them in their learning phase!

What's your favorite song to sing along to?

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