Power Through & Pursue: Finding A Child’s Passion


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Young people can often have a very hard time trying to figure out exactly what they want from life. With limited exposure to real work or careers, no real career guidance, and the huge array of different jobs out there, it can be very hard for them to find what they are passionate about. As a parent, you have an excellent chance to help your child with this, working at every stage to use their free time to pursue their passions. Likewise, though, this won’t be easy, so this post is also here to help you out.

Using yourself and your partner as a template, it should be nice and easy to make a start on guessing what your kids might enjoy. Despite their unique personality, it’s likely that your child will enjoy very similar things to you, and this can give you a real advantage. Along with this, though, you’ll also have to rely in part on trial and error to find the perfect example for your child. It’s very important to work hard at this stage, even if your kid doesn’t seem to be engaging with anything.

  • Find A Thing

The first step in this journey will be finding the thing you’re going to try with your child. There are loads of activities out there which kids love to get involved in, most of which can directly feed into a hobby they keep with them for their entire life. Drawing is a great example of an interest which can be carried with someone through their entire life. With a skill like this, starting young can make a real difference to your proficiency, and giving this gift to your child is a great thing.

  • Try A Thing

There are loads of activities which will be completely free to try, and these are the best to have a go at first. This will give you the chance to get them passionate about something you’ll never have to stop them from doing. A lot of modern hobbies are very expensive, coming with monthly or weekly fees. While this can improve the quality of their experience, it’s unlikely that a child will care about this, and would rather get as much time as possible getting involved.

  • Fostering Growth

Of course, as time goes on, it’s likely that your kid will reach a pinnacle in their learning, and will be ready to move onto the next phase. Depending on what they’d like to do with their life, buying a musical instrument or a year’s worth of tuition to a great soccer academy could be a great way to get them started off properly in their field. Children thrive when they’re thrown into situations which take them out of their comfort zone. So, to take advantage of this, using the resources around you is a great way to inspire your kids.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the time you put into your child’s passionate pursuits. This sort of area is one which a lot of people struggle to get their head around, but it pays to put the effort in, as it will impact your child for years to come.

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