Power Rangers Turbo Volume 2 Giveaway


I've teamed up with Powered By Mom to bring you this fun giveaway for Power Rangers: Turbo, Vol. 2!  The Power Rangers are back at it again and this time with an all-new team of Rangers is armed and ready to carry on the Power Rangers legacy!  If you're a fan (or more like the kids) you won't want to miss out on entering this fun giveaway that ends June 1, 2014.  Good luck!

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Power Rangers Turbo Volume 2 Giveaway

On June 3, 2014 join the Power Rangers as they battle the dreaded villain Divatox at rapid speed when Shout! Factory releases Power Rangers: Turbo, Vol. 2 a 3-DVD box set that contains the final 22 episodes of the series.

Continuing from the exciting events of Turbo: A Power Rangers Moviethe five Turbo Rangers use their new powers, weapons and high-tech supercharged vehicles to battle evil at faster speeds than ever before! The beautiful yet vicious space pirate Divatox follows the Power Rangers to Angel Grove to get revenge for ruining her planned wedding to the volcanic island deity Maligore. From her mobile Subcraft armed to the gills with torpedoes and explosives and crewed by a motley bunch of monsters, she relentlessly pursues our heroes.

But the Rangers are not alone in their fight, as they are aided by Dimitria, a wise sage and friend of Zordon; Alpha 6, an advanced robotic sidekick with a streetwise demeanor, the Blue Senturion, a robotic intergalactic traffic cop from the future; and the elusive Phantom Rangers, a one-man army whose very identity is a mystery. An all-new team of Rangers is armed and ready to carry on the Power Rangers legacy!

Following its debut in 1993, Saban’s iconic live-action pop culture series, Power Rangers quickly became the most watched children’s television program in North America. Emphasizing the importance of teamwork, responsibility and helping others by following the adventures of a group of ordinary young people who “morphed” into superheroes.

Winner will receive: Power Rangers Turbo Volume 2 DVD

 Open to residents of US and Canada

 Giveaway will run from May 22 – June 1, 2014

(ALL winning entries will be verified)
Please ask any questions before entering by using the contact me page.


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