Power Outages: 4 Ways to Make Sure Your Home and Family is Prepared


Power outages are something that can happen with little or no warning. Therefore, it is important that you create a plan ahead of time as to what you will do if one occurs. Having a plan is especially critical if you or your loved ones have medical or other special needs.

Have a Backup Generator Ready

Companies such as Craftsman Electric Inc. Provide residential generators and other products that can provide power in a pinch. Generators are generally powered by gasoline, and they can run for several hours at a time before they need to be refilled. Furthermore, they typically turn on as soon as an outage is detected, which your food and medical supplies keeps working without interruption.

Make Plans to Go Elsewhere

If you have friends or family in the area who have a generator or otherwise have power when you don’t, ask if staying with them is a possibility. While crews work to restore electric service to your home, you and your children can swim in a pool or otherwise enjoy an air-conditioned home. It may also be possible to stay at a hotel or motel when the power goes out.

Collect Supplies Ahead of Time

In the event of a power outage, meat, milk and other cold products could spoil. Therefore, you should stock your pantry with canned food, bottled water, and other nonperishable items. It is also a good idea to keep a can or two filled with gas or other fuel. Finally, be sure to have a phone that you can use to call for help if necessary. If you have a smartphone, you can use your data plan to access the internet or otherwise stay abreast of local weather or other conditions.

Tarps Can Help Keep Water and Pests Out

In the aftermath of a serious storm, a home could experience serious damage in addition to losing power. Having tarps or plastic sheeting available can help to cover any holes through which water or pests could crawl through. While this isn’t a permanent solution, it may offer some protection until a contractor can repair your property.


Whether the power is out for a few hours or a few days, it can be frustrating to not have lights or the ability to turn your air conditioner on. Therefore, it is important that you have a backup plan that can protect your home and your family until the electricity is restored to your home.

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