Potty Training Urinal


If you have a little boy you can relate to potty training being a little difficult.  I know we had pee everywhere for awhile because he couldn't figure out how to keep it in the potty.  LiL Marc Urinal has come to the rescue!  Their unique potty training urinal prepares boys for using public rest rooms and improves their aim.  And let's face it some boys just do not like to sit down while peeing.


A few of the reasons why the Potty Training Urinal can make life a little easier:

  • LiL Marc potty training urinal is easy and fun!
  • Allows for easy to empty and clean throughout your boy’s potty training experience!
  • Colorful award chart and stickers for use during potty training.
  • Includes a portable stand and wall bracket to make the LiL Marc the right height for your little boy.
  • Includes helpful hints to improve your success rate with your boys potty training process.

Get your potty training urinal today!

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