Popularity of the Vegan Lifestyle


Alternative ways to adopt a healthier lifestyle are gaining steady popularity.  Since 2016 veganism has been a huge trend which is dramatically changing the way people eat, exercise and travel.

popularity of the vegan lifestyle

The Main Differences Between Vegetarian and Vegan

The main difference is vegans eat no animal products.  Let’s take a deeper look into what the differences in these two lifestyles.

Deriving from the name, those who adopt the vegetarian diet turn to vegetables, grains, nuts, and fruits for daily sustenance but still consume products that derive from animals such as dairy and eggs.  Vegans make further substitutes to remove all animal-related products.

With the rising trend in veganism, there are alternative meats, cheeses, oil, and even flour available.  Not only is the philosophy of the vegan lifestyle admirable there are also many benefits gained from adopting these lifestyles including:

  • Studies show that those who practice vegetarian and vegan diets gain less weight than those who don’t
  • Vegetarians and vegans have lower cholesterol levels
  • Those who follow the plant-based lifestyle have shown improvements in blood pressure and blood sugar

Vegan Lifestyle Choices

Maintaining a healthy balance is a high priority for many including those choosing a vegan lifestyle.  To ensure a healthier lifestyle it is important to take supplements, stay hydrated and incorporate exercise into their daily routines.

A big trend in plant-based lifestyles is the whole-body approach to health and wellness.  Whether it is consuming more water or treating your body as a temple the importance of self-love and self-care is more important than ever.

There has been an increase in wellness practices like yoga.  Individuals have noticed the many health benefits of yoga including:

  • Stress relief
  • Improving mental/emotional health
  • Sleep
  • Balance
  • Body alignment

Traveling as a Vegan

Along with the whole-body approach to their plant-based lifestyle, traveling becomes a little complicated.  There are some states that are more vegan-curious than others and this information from OWYN shows which states have seen the biggest and smallest increase.

It isn’t a surprise that travel is becoming more health-conscious and when planning trips people are doing their research.  Vegans tend to eat at more local establishments, visit farmers’ markets and are interested in what is locally sourced in an effort to make a smaller footprint.  By doing a little research vegans can find unique places to visit that cater to their lifestyles.


Whether lifestyle choices are related to weight loss, philosophical beliefs or just wanting to see a change these two methods are consistently at the top of the game – veganism, and vegetarianism.

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