Poo-nicorns are Fun for Everyone


By combining a rainbow 🌈 + unicorn 🦄 + poo 💩 emoji you get magical and magnificent Poo-nicorns! Bloopy, Blossom, Lolly, Skyla, and Fawna each have their own unique personalities and magical powers in the Poo-niverse.

Poo-nicorns are Fun for Everyone

Experience the world of Poo-nicornicopia with a web series on YouTube & Toons2Go plus a downloadable app game available on iOS & Android.  If you're a fan like my kids are you're going to love the products they have to offer too, let's take a peek below.

Poo nicorn fun for all ages

The Poo-Nicorn line offers a variety of unique and colorful plush, collectible, specialty and novelty toys including:

  • 3” PLUSHI PALZ – The Plushi Palz are a great take-along companion. Clip them onto your backpack, purse, briefcase, or car.
  • 6” & 14” POO-NICORNSTM PLUSHIEZ – Available in a variety of colors, these lovable plush toys are the best of friends. Their cute feet are ultra-squeezable, and you can even style their hair any way you’d like.
  • 16” POO-NICORN PILLOW – These soft plush pillows are just what you need to make you smile. They are perfect to cuddle with all day and night!
  • POO-NICORNSTM SQUISHIEZ – Squish'em & Squash'em or use them as pencil toppers! Each Squishiez comes in a colorful capsule that can be converted into a moon chair for you to display your favorite Squishiez characters.
  • POO-NICORN DROPLINGS – Poo-nicorn Droplings are whimsical and colorful eggs that contain a Poo-nicorns surprise inside.  Open the egg capsule and find your favorite character.

poo nicorn droplings

These are a great gift for anyone in your life!  My daughter and her friends think the Poo-nicorns are adorable.  While my son thinks they’re the coolest things ever, he laughs and laughs each time he asks where his Poo-nicorn Pillow is.  They’re cute, cuddly and colorful, which makes them perfect for everyone.

For more Poo-nicornicopia fun follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @Poonicornicopia

Poo nicorns are Fun for Everyone

The products are available at major retailers and specialty stores across North America from $3 – $20.

Clip the Poo-nicorn PlushiPalz or Droplings onto your backpack and take your new best friend everywhere you go, or snuggle and cuddle with the larger Poo-nicorn Plushiez and pillows. There's something for everyone ages 4 to 104!


Who will you buy a Poo-nicorn for?

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