Plumbing Problems? What to DIY and What to Leave for the Pros


If you are living in a home for the first time, then you are responsible for repairing its plumbing problems rather than calling an apartment complex’s maintenance department. There are some plumbing repairs that you can complete on your own, but other plumbing projects will require a knowledgeable technician instead.

Unclogging a Plumbing Fixture

It is usually easy to unclog a plumbing fixture on your own with a rubber-tipped plunger. You should have at least one plunger in your home, and if the building has multiple levels, then have several plungers. Remember where a plunger is located to access it right away when a toilet begins to overflow from too much bathroom tissue. You can also use a plunger to dislodge hair strands or hair care products from the drains of bathtubs or sinks.

Replacing an Old Water Heater

If your water heater is not working correctly or when it has a leak, then it requires a professional installation. Replacing a water heater is a strenuous job that requires an understanding of plumbing along with gas lines or electrical wires. A plumber can turn off the old water heater before installing a new efficient model that heats water quickly.

Changing a Faucet’s Washer

When a faucet is spraying water around a bathroom or kitchen, then it probably needs a new washer. These devices are in different sizes, so you should remove the faucet’s cover to find the old washer. Take this washer to a hardware store to find the correct size, and bring the item home to place it in the faucet’s tip cover. After performing this task, you can test the faucet to make sure that it isn’t spraying or dripping.

Installing a New Toilet

The toilets in homes wear down quickly, requiring a new fixture. You may want to upgrade to a higher quality toilet that is an attractive color or that uses less water. The installation of a toilet is complex because the tank has an assortment of components that must work correctly. If a toilet isn’t installed properly, then it can leak moisture or flow over constantly. Call a plumber like Moon Valley Plumbing or someone similar to install a toilet if you want to make sure the job is completed correctly.

Replacing a Pipe Underneath a Sink

If you have the correct types of tools and a lot of physical strength, then replacing a pipe underneath your sink is a simple job. Remove the old pipe to take it to a hardware store to find the same size of pipe, and use the appropriate tools to install the new pipe. Place a dishpan or bucket underneath the pipe before turning on the faucet, and check the container to make sure that water isn’t leaking from the pipe’s connectors.

You can learn more about plumbing fixtures and repairs by reading books at your local library or finding videos on the internet. If you are worried about making a plumbing repair on your own, then it is always better to call a plumber to avoid any problems.

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  1. Fantastic Handyman on

    Great post! I can only add that low water pressure doesn’t always mean a clocked pipes, sometimes the problem is in the pipe construction and design. A professional plumber will be able to recognize the problem and provide a solution. Attempting to fix it on your own can damage the sewer lines.

    Thanks for sharing these awesome tips!

  2. Great article! I have to point out the previous comment because it mentions a valid point. However, I was wondering if you are planning to post an update regarding the suggested tools we should have to fix common and relatively easy to solve plumbing problems?

  3. very helpful Article for plumbing related Service’s Your article shows that the plumber’s work has an important role to play home and office’s/ In this article, we get very good information from home and office. Thanks for sharing me Article.

  4. You should never try to fix by yourself issues that are related to acid, boiler or gas. Of course there are things you can do yourself and you really should do them because it will save you some money and give useful knowledge.
    By the way, you can use a plunger also for unclogging a sink.

  5. If you want to repair your plumbing problem by own then it is a great article and you can do it. you can do yourself but concern about harmful mater like gas. informative article overall

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