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The time is finally here that I can make the big announcement!!  Thanks to PTPA I've teamed up with Playskool just in time for the holiday season to bring you the latest and greatest they  have to offer.  If you've been following PTPA you already know that the PLAYSKOOL SESAME STREET LOL Elmo has just won the stamp of approval!  And I got to review on first hand and the most exciting news – I'M GIVING ONE AWAY!!


You might ask what makes the LOL Elmo so special.  There are so many reasons, it really is a toy for kids of any age but the best part about it is:

  • Elmo loves a sidesplitting, rolling-on-the-floor gigglefest! And preschoolers will too with LOL Elmo!
  • He laughs up a storm, tells jokes, and comes with a Dorothy fishbowl squeaker toy for even more silly fun!
  • The more Elmo laughs, the more he rolls and shakes!
  • There are so many ways to make Elmo laugh!

Why Kids Love LOL Elmo

When ours arrived I let the kids open it up and have some fun, it was so cute to watch them.  Dustin being two loved the box more than anything at the beginning and Cheyenne was rolling on the floor laughing at the jokes Elmo was telling.  Pretty soon they were both playing with LOL Elmo and squeezing Dorothy's fishbowl to make her squeak.  They thought it was so funny that you can press Elmo's fit and tickle his tummy to make him laugh.

As a parent I was pleasantly surprised that the packaging didn't require me to get frustrated and hack at it with scissors and it comes with batteries!! You don't know how just the simple addition to batteries in a toy makes life that much easier for kids who are excited about a new toy.  It is cute watching the kids play with LOL Elmo and seeing the difference between how a 6 year old sees the toy and a 2 year old.  Cheyenne is more nurturing and craddles Elmo like a baby where as Dustin drops him continuously just to hear Elmo laugh.  This is definitely a durable product and one I would highly recommend as a gift!

This Real Momma gives the Playskool Sesame Street LOL Elmo a 5/5

Cheyenne gives the Playskool Sesame Street LOL Elmo a 5/5 and says it is good for kids of all ages as long as they know how to use it!  She thinks that joke mode is the best.

For other gift ideas, to keep up to date with Playskool's happenings, or to just say thanks for providing us with great products check out the Playskool Facebook Page. You can also keep up to date with all things LOL Elmo by following the #LOLElmo hashtag on Twitter and make sure to follow @Playskool.

LOL Elmo Giveaway

Winner will receive: 1 Playskool Sesame Street LOL Elmo

 Open to Canadian Residents

 Giveaway will run from November 14 – November 26, 2012

(ALL winning entries will be verified)
Winners will be contacted by email & have 48 hours to respond or a winner will be redrawn
Prize provided by PTPA and Hasbro Canada
Please ask any questions before entering by using the contact me page.

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  1. I would love to win for My 16 month old baby girl …She always stops whats shes doing just to watch the commercial …its so cute 🙂

  2. My son is a huge elmo fan. I think he’ll love this. He wasn’t born when the tickle me elmo tmx came out, but when he saw a little boy play with it at the open gym, he just sat there watching him laugh and giggle.

  3. 🙄 I know my grandchildren are at a time in their life where they would so enjoy this wonderful gift. I do not get to see them as much as I want, so I enjoy giving them gifts!

  4. My son would love this i have been trying to find one but they have been sold out everywhere, he has autism so he gets fixated with certain things …elmo is one of his obsessions lol 🙂

  5. I want to win this so bad for my son! Almost lost my job going back from mat leave and have been paying off expenses from that so not a lot in the pot! Would be really nice as my son loves Elmo (Meh-mo)

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