What If You Could Be PhotoShopped Into A Cover Model?


A friend of mine shared this video a few weeks ago on Facebook. It was originally on The Representation Project’s wall; which is a movement that uses film and media content to expose injustices created by gender stereotypes and to shift people’s consciousness towards change. I really love this video and its message about loving the body we have, which is a common thread in a couple of my video series. There are a lot of messages in the media toward both men and women on what it means to be beautiful, attractive, handsome and sexy. In my video series we talk a lot about accepting our body for what it is today; like we talk about finding joy in the present moment.

The short film talks about how much of our external appearance represents our character and when you take away our freckles, curly hair or curvy body how much of our internal uniqueness disappears with it? If you knew the ‘ideal’ we so often strive to live up to was the product of a software tool and not the gym or a magic pill, would that change how you view your body? Is that ‘ideal’ attainable? Even if it isn’t does that stop us from trying to reach that ‘ideal’? Why?

Definitely some things to ponder!

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