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We've been looking for somewhere that prints on big canvases so we can do a family picture in our entrance way so when I had a chance to do this review for Photos On Canvas I was all over it!  The process simple and easy to use.

Easy Canvas Prints

I'll do a quick walk through of the steps, ordering took me about 5 minutes with upload time so really anybody can do it!  The prices are great and when you sign up for a newsletter you get special discounts almost ALL the time!  So let's break it down:

  1. There are 9 options you can choose from in size, even a custom size!
  2. Choose your wrap either .75″, 1.5″ or framed
  3. Upload an imaged in PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, or TIF format OR use Facebook or Instagram!!  It let's you know if the image has good quality for a canvas print so you have the option of uploading another
  4. You can edit how the print is positioned on the canvas, size, and see a proof
  5. Now you're on to the display options – wall or stand, and the wrap – mirror image, image wrap, or border colour.  You're able to see a preview of each
  6. Then it is color finishing and image retouching and you're DONE!
  7. Payment and shipping information and you receive it quickly, mine took only 2 weeks.


We were all pleasantly surprised with the quality of the product, I however didn't realize I cut Frank's head off in the editing process, ooops!  Other than that it is a little dark but that is being super critical.  Overall the quality is amazing, ordering is easy, and price was decent, for this 8×10 there is a sale right now for $34.  My in-laws have taken the canvas hostage and I don't think we're going to get it back so that gives you an idea of how much we all like it!

This Real Momma gives Easy Canvas Prints a 4.5/5

Like what you see?  Visit their site Easy Canvas Prints

I was given this canvas in order to do the review but in no way did it change my honest opinion of the product!

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