The Personal Touch: Make Your Own Gift Wrap Using Your Home Printer


Gift wrap can be very expensive to buy and it is also rather generic, so it makes sense to create your own so that you not only save money but also manage to create something more unique and attractive at the same time.

The personal touch

There are plenty of creative ways to use your home printer beyond simply printing documents and gift wrap is definitely something you can create quite easily.

Before you set to work creating some amazing designs and colours for your wrapping paper, it would make sense to make sure you have plenty of ink cartridges and paper available. You can easily find a web site which offers great online prices on printer supplies, so you can stock up and be ready for your creative challenges.

Creating your own wrapping paper adds a nice personal touch to your gift and allows you the chance to print a design or theme that is relevant to the person who you are making the gift wrap for.


Get creative

You can easily make your own custom wrapping paper using your own resources and creative thinking, and all it really takes is a selection of carefully chosen photos or images and a standard sheet of paper.

Your inkjet printer will cope admirably with a printing job like this but if you are working with a standard laser printer you might need to switch to black and white mode, so decide if your design would work fine in monochrome if that is the case.


Different printable gift wrap designs

A really good fun pattern to consider that actually works well in black and white, so you have plenty of printer options, is word puzzle wrapping paper.

You can generate a printable wordsearch puzzle which is themed to a certain time of the year, so with a bit of creative effort you will be able to generate a festive wordsearch which will not only look impressive as a wrapping paper, but it will also work as a genuine puzzle they can solve, rather than throwing the gift wrap away straight away.


Free designs

If you are looking for some inspiration as to how to design your won wrapping paper, there are plenty of free printable gift wrap designs that you can download.

You will find that there are two distinct options when it comes to printable papers.

Kids (including grown-up ones) will often appreciate a present which is wrapped using paper that you have printed with Pac-Man ghosts or Space Invaders all over it, and there are all sorts of different themes that are not exactly festive but well worth printing if you have people to buy for who would enjoy something that is closely matched with their favourite activities or characters.

Of course, going with colour opens up all sorts of possibilities and as you would expect with the free templates that are available, there are plenty of reindeers and Santa’s featured in the designs.

Making your own gift wrap using your printer is quick and easy and will often be well received when someone gets a present which has been so uniquely wrapped.

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