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Graduation!  A time to celebrate leaving high school and entering the grown up world.  For graduates this is a fun time they get to look forward to time with friends and lots of gifts.  Then there are those of us who have to buy the gifts, every year I get stumped on a fun unique gift that can be treasured for years to come.  This year I have a handful of former employees graduating and I have been on the hunt for the perfect gift, so I thought what do all teens have – cell phones!  And my new unique monogrammed gift giving idea was born!!

At they have everything from iPhone cases to license plates.  If you're looking for some fresh, fun and trendy To Gild The Lily has everything from nautical to preppy theme.  Take a peek at their store and see what catches your eye.

Navajo license plate monogram


The Unique Perfect Gift –

The license plate above is in the Navajo theme monogram you can order it HERE.  Melinda, the owner, designs and crafts all the items with her many years of experience.  She's always been a doodler and crafter and has turned that passion into a career that fits her lifestyle perfectly.  Melinda has been selling online since 1997 and has sold everything from china to vintage linens! has even grown to the point of needing help and she has been lucky enough to keep it all in the family!  How amazing is that.

Looking at all the unique designs and trying to pick out the perfect gift is a job all in itself.  You can tell that the creativity of the owner shines in all of the designs.  I think that any of the products would make the perfect gift because most people won't buy a monogrammed gift for themselves and it is something they can treasure for years to come!

Whether its graduation, a birthday or just because visit to find the perfect unique gift! 


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