Pediatric Optometry: 5 Blinding Signs Your Kids Need to See an Eye Doctor


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Approximately one in four children need glasses. Usually, the first to suspect the need is the parent’s because they know their child best. Sometimes, however, the child’s teacher may be the first to suspect a problem. Here are five signs that your child needs an eye exam.

Medical Issues

There are several medical issues that may alert parents that they need to take their child to see an eye doctor. One of the earliest signs that a parent may notice is a cloudy pupil. The child’s eyes may not seem to work together properly with one eye turning in or out. Parents may also notice an eye fluttering or shaking. Children with eyes that seem to bulge out or have droopy eyelids should also be taken to the doctor. Parents may also notice the child constantly rubbing or wiping their eyes.

Changes in Behavior

Another area that may alert parents that their child may need an eye exam is that they notice changes in behavior. For example, a child has been able to catch a ball accurately, but he is now having trouble. The child may be able to tell you if he is old enough or you may ask a child to describe something to you and discover that he cannot see the details. Parents may also notice a child not enjoying reading as much as they did or notice the child’s grades dropping.

Developmental Delay

If the child is not developing according to normal milestones, then be sure to talk to your child’s primary care provider about it. The provider may suggest a comprehensive eye exam. This helps to rule out any eye problems that are causing or contributing to the delay.

Traumatic Injuries

Each year, thousands of children experience traumatic eye injuries. If the child has an object stuck in their eye, then seek treatment immediately at the nearest emergency medical center if blinking does not remove it. Flush out the eyes only if the child gets chemicals in them. Otherwise, lightly cover the eye and head to a care facility.

Short Attention Span

If you find that your child is frequently wanting to change activities, then you may want to get them an eye examination. This can be a sign that the child is having trouble seeing. It is especially prevalent when children are asked to do close work such as putting a puzzle together or coloring.

An involved parent may be the first to notice when their child needs an eye exam. Do not delay as it can affect their development in many different ways. Seek attention from a caring professional who will recommend solutions based on the child’s needs.

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  1. Laurel Larsen on

    I like your suggestion to get an eye exam if your child isn’t hitting developmental milestones at a normal time. Life would be so much harder without being able to see properly! It’s great that there are optometrists out there to help our children see this great world around them.

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