Parents of High School Students: How to Make Sure Your Kids Have a Graduation to Remember


Graduation is a great time to show your senior how very proud you are of all that they have accomplished in school. Each student is a unique blessing, and the events surrounding their graduation should be as unique as they are. While you know your student’s thoughts, dreams and inspirations best, use these ideas to create a special graduation that they will enjoy and remember fondly.

Announce Their Graduation

You will want to consider using unique wording on the student’s graduation announcement. For example, if your student is a comedian at heart, then use humorous wording. Alternatively, if they are very studious, then you may want to use more formal wording. Just like the words on the invitation, you can also choose photos that reflect the student’s personality. Finally, make sure to choose custom graduation announcements style that reflects them.

Throw a Graduation Party

High school graduation is a big deal, but the party should not be so big that you go into debt over it. Instead, ask your child for a list of names of people who have been important in helping them reach this milestone. Plan a time when most people from that list can attend your child’s graduation party. While many people choose to serve cake and punch, it is your child’s party, so choose foods that they like. Choose a location like your house or a local park that allows all in attendance to have a great time.

Buy the Right Graduation Present

Just like graduation announcements, the present that you buy your graduate should reflect who they are as a person. You may want to buy a gift that encourages them to study hard in school for the serious student. Alternatively, you may want to buy a gift like a welcome-to-adulthood pillowcase and pillows for the student who loves to take afternoon naps. Put some thought behind the gift in the fall of their senior year as those last months can get very crazy

Plan Downtime

The months before graduation is often a whirlwind of activity. Many students find that they must study hard to pass their final exams while coping with the emotions of saying goodbye to friends that they have known for their entire life. Therefore, emotions often end up on a roller coaster. Some time away with the family to a quiet location after the excitement is over is often a great relief for everyone.

Make the memories of your child’s graduation the best by personalizing it to their tastes. Use these ideas and your own creativity to plan a graduation that they will want to tell their grandchildren about someday. They will be thrilled and so will you.

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    Lovely blog author.. thank you so much for this idea… I love this blog madly and will share with my street friends.

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