Parenting 101: How to Throw an Awesome Birthday Party for Your Kids


Parenting 101 How to Throw an Awesome Birthday Party for Your Kids

Successful birthday parties provide memories that children will cherish for the rest of their lives. Fortunately, most children are easily pleased, and planning children’s parties is a pastime that many parents enjoy. Following are five ways to make a child's birthday party into a happy, lasting memory.

Pick a Theme

Themed parties appeal to children of all ages. For younger children, simple themes such as dinosaurs and well-known cartoons or fairy tales are appropriate, while older children may prefer something more complex such as a theme based on their favorite book or movie. Allowing your child to help select a theme for the party will help him or her feel more engaged in the process

Hire an Entertainer

Hiring professional entertainment is another excellent way to create a memorable birthday party for your child. Be sure to choose someone who has experience with children’s' parties from reputable companies such as You can also ask other local parents for references and advices about specific entertainers in your community.

Offer Small gifts for Other Children

Providing small gifts for the other children who will be attending the party is a lovely gesture that will help your child learn the art of being a gracious host. The gifts needn't be anything expensive, but do put some thought into their selection. If the theme for the party is dinosaurs, for instance, providing each guest with a small dinosaur toy of their own will increase their enjoyment of the party.

Provide Activities

Whether the party is indoors or outdoors, providing activities will help the children work off some of that energy they've gotten from eating cake and other sweet party foods. If you've got a big enough yard, consider organizing two or three fun lawn games for the children to participate in.

Create Crafts

another fun activity that creates memorable birthday parties is creating small crafts that the children can take home with them. The crafts should be age-appropriate and relatively simple to complete without a great deal of supervision and assistance.

Keep in mind that creating a visual record of the party will help keep memories alive, so make certain to use a good-quality camera and to get as many photographs of the children as possible. After the party is over, you can create a special online memory book of the party to keep it alive in the heart of the birthday boy or girl as well as those who attended.

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