Pager Collar Dog Training


Have you heard of Pager Collar Dog Training?  This unique technique can take your dog training to the next level and Kadan K9 Training is bringing you the latest and greatest in the industry!

We are delighted to offer you this remarkable system and believe we are the only dog school in Australia to do so. Modern technology has given us the ability to reach another person whenever they are wearing a pager. Most mobile phones have the vibration setting. The pager/ vibration is worn against the body and emits a vibration that will immediately get the wearer's attention, letting them know that someone wants to communicate with them.


Now this Pager feature is available for your dog so that they can know we want to communicate with them.  Want to learn secret dog training techniques?  With K9 Education Online you'll learn:

    •  Easily Correct Barking
    •  Quickly Establish Off Leash Boundaries
    •  Eliminate Jumping and Stealing Food
    •  Establish Reliable Obedience Quickly
    •  Get your Dog Respond Immediately to Command
    •  Completely Cure Temporary Deafness and how to train a deaf dog easily..

Want to learn what is Pager Collar Dog Training?

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