From Overgrown Jungle To Pooch Paradise


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One problem that new dog owners face is getting their garden ready to welcome the new pet. Lots of families spend a considerable amount of time preparing their home to ensure it is a safe and comfortable space for their new dog, but very few take the time to organize their garden. This is a huge oversight especially as gardens can be quite dangerous for animals.

Ready to turn your overgrown jungle to a paradise for your pooch? Here are some awesome tips.

Mow Overgrown Grass

If you have neglected your garden lawn for some time, now is a good time to give it a trim. It’s also important to cut down any excessively long patches of grass that aren’t part of the lawn. This will help you keep the garden clean while the pup’s around. When there is lots of long grass in the garden, you might miss it when your dog does its business. Even if you do notice, it could be very difficult to clean up completely!

Remove Weeds And Poisonous Plants

You should remove any weeds as these are likely to be poisonous to animals. There are also some plants and flowers that are specifically dangerous to dogs. You can find out which ones you need to remove here Remember that it’s best to pull the plants up rather than kill them with weedkiller as the chemicals in the weedkiller could be very poisonous as well.

Add Some Distractions

When your new dog first goes into your garden, it will probably want to sniff around and explore a bit. To prevent the uncovering anything that might be dangerous or poisonous, you should try and distract them. One way is to add plenty of toys for them like the ones from The more they play in the garden, the less likely they are to get bored and start looking for things they shouldn’t!

Cover Water Sources

One of the main dangers waiting for dogs in gardens is uncovered water sources. This includes things like ponds, water features, and uncovered drains. It’s a good idea to ensure that ponds and drains are fully covered so that there is no chance of your dog falling in. You might also want to remove any water features as your pooch might be tempted to try and play with it, which could end in tears!

Spend Time Training

A well-trained dog is a happy and safe dog! Even though you might think your dog can’t get up to too much mischief in your own back garden, it’s still necessary to give it some basic training. Then you won’t have to spend ages shouting at it to come back into the house, and you will also be able to call it over to you with ease if it ever starts misbehaving! It’s simple enough to train a dog yourself, but there will always be training classes available if you find that it’s a struggle.

Now you can create a great garden suitable for both your family and new dog!

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  1. Thank you for your timely reminder for summer and the garden. We sort of know these things with our dogs but don’t actually think about them often, good to be reminded. We definitely have some weeds to remove. I have no idea if they’re poisonous. Better safe than sorry!

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