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I was recently asked why dental health is so important to my family and I had to wonder why it wouldn't be important.  All I can think of is when I was a kid my grandparents always told me to take care of my teeth so I'm not an old granny with dentures like them.  I guess that stuck because it has allowed me to pass the importance of dental health to my kids and get them start with brushing at a young age.

Dental Health Care Routines

I believe it is important to teach kids to take care of their teeth from an early age.  Making kids love the hygiene routine while making it fun is a big challenge but easily do able.  My husband has sensitivity so it is important for him to take care of his teeth to keep the sensitivity down.  As for me, I recently had my wisdom teeth removed and I can tell you there is no way I will be having any other teeth removed out of my mouth, so now is more important than ever to give a little extra attention to my dental routine.

Buying the Right Dental Health Products

Pre shopping trip to Shoppers Drug Mart to buy Colgate!

I'm a firm believe in you get what you pay for.  That's why I search for bargains and keep an eye open for the best deals on great products!  I was excited to see that Shopper's Drug Mart had a great sale on Colgate products this week! I loaded Dustin up in the car and headed to the store!  A little thing I learned is to check the online flyer and see what coupons you have on hand before heading to the store with a two year old, you will be more organized and have a better shopping experience.

Colgate has fun kids dental health products #cbias #shop

We had a blast picking out some new Colgate items including a fun kids toothpaste and mouthwash in one.  Dustin got a little excited about using his new Colgate Transformers electric toothbrush so the shopping trip was cut a little short so he could get home.  We did manage to pick up some Colgate Sensitive Pro products which were on sale and we had a coupon for so I think my trip was a success even though it was short lived.

View my shopping experience and home routines on my Google+ album!

Dental Visits

Loves the Dentist!

We visit the dentist every 6 months!  Cheyenne loves going and is always asking when she can go back so you know our dentist makes it a fun experience for kids.  Dustin on the other hand at two doesn't like the dentist so much, he likes the prize afterwards but they haven't managed to actually clean his teeth yet.  For the adults we can't complain with massaging dental chairs and  flat screen tv's to watch the dentist is like a mini-vacation.

Make Dental Health Routines Fun

Using character brushes, fun toothpaste (encouraging not to swallow) and a monthly sticker sheet are all things we do every day at our house.  When the kids are first learning how to brush we let them do it as often as they want because we think them enjoying it will help create a healthy habit later in life.  We put a monthly calendar sheet up every month, usually the kids decorate it and have fun with it but I guess since it is the end of school they weren't really into it this month.  We call it our brush your teeth calendar because they get a sticker once they've brushed their teeth in the morning!

If you want a blank copy of the calendar you canDOWNLOAD it now!

I believe it is important to not push kids and encourage proper dental hygiene.  If you visit your dentist they are more than happy to show the kids how to properly take care of their teeth and help you encourage them along the way!    I would love to hear what you do at home to encourage your kids to have healthy smiles!

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