Organized and Efficient: 6 Simple Home Cleaning Techniques


Organized and Efficient 6 Simple Home Cleaning Techniques

Unless you're a total neat freak, the chances are good that you have some clutter in your house that needs to be removed. This article will tell you six ways that you can clean your home and free it from all that clutter. You know, all that junk that forces you to constantly look for items like your keys and phone.

1) Donate Unwanted Items

You don't have to keep your Goodwill donations to once a year. Make it a habit to donate unwanted clothes, furniture, books and other items to your friends, neighbors and charity about once a week. At a minimum, donate your unwanted items about once a month.

2) Chuck That Junk Mail

After you return from your mailbox, go to either your recycling bin or a shredder. Right then and there, go through your mail. Immediately throw away any mail that you don't need. Doing this prevents weeks of useless mail from clogging up the dining room table or your desk.

3) Make Everyday Tasks Easier

Arrange storage bins in your home based on the tasks and activities that are taking place there regularly. One way to put this tip into action would be to put a basket that is full of winter hats, gloves, and scarves and face masks near the front door during the colder months. This way everyone in your family will be ready to go outside faster, even on the coldest of days.

4) Use Doors and Cupboards for Storage

Doors and cupboards can get in on the decluttering action. Simply affix hooks on the front of your cupboards and organizers that fit over the doors. Use them as a place to keep dish towels, accessories, and various odds and ends.

5) Decrease Clutter and Help the Environment

Using recyclable shopping bags not only helps out the environment, it keeps you from having to store those plastic shopping all over your house.

6) Use Storage Units in Your Decluttering Strategy

Do you just have too much stuff? If putting hooks on cupboards and donating sweatshirts to friends isn't going to put much of a dint into your mess and you live in the Phoenix, Arizona area, you might want to look for the best storage units in Phoenix to store all of your belongings.

You can use all six of these tips at once for a comprehensive decluttering strategy. Using storage bins, hooks and Goodwill while storing those beloved possessions that you can't bear to give away can give you some much needed breathing room in your home. No one wants to feel trapped by clutter in their own house. Taking the time now to clean up your domicile will save you more than a few headaches later.

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  1. I’m thinking of getting a storage unit to store some of my extra belongings in order to declutter my home. I hadn’t settled on a company yet, but, I’ll take your recommendation into consideration

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