One Day App Released for Android! #OneDay4Android


If you can remember back in October the kids and I found a fun new app that made home videos quick and easy!  We had a lot of fun interviewing each other and trying out some new tongue-twisters   but the best part was creating the videos and saving them for years to come.  Even today I look back and it brings a smile to my face to hear the answers Cheyenne had back in October.

One Day App Released for Android

One Day App Released for Android!

One Day has now released the app for Android users!  No more excuses download the app and start creating the memories you'll cherish for years to come.  Making a movie is simple, the kids can even do it themselves.  Next time you want to cherish a special event or just want to have a fun conversation with the kids grab your phone and fire up the app you'll be happy you did.

Not sure what to expect?

The concept is pretty simple the stories are broken down into three categories:

  1. Babies/Toddlers
  2. Kids
  3. Adults


You choose the category that represents the person you're interviewing and then the theme.  You'll be prompted with questions to ask and at the end One Day compiles all the clips of answering the questions into one video!  How fun is that!  The possibilities are endless and I know that you'll have just as much fun creating family memories as we did.

Download the One Day app for Android or iOS today!

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