Old Home Renovations: How to Make it Safe and Family Friendly


Old Home Renovations How to Make it Safe and Family Friendly

Planning a renovation project does not mean that a home must be dangerous. By taking measures to ensure that the renovation of an older home is safe and family friendly, it is possible to work on the house at any time.

Discuss the Project with a Professional

Never attempt to handle the project without carefully evaluating all of the costs, risks and concerns that can arise. For example, if you are planning major renovations in Edmonton, talk about your goals with a local professional so that you can obtain an accurate quote for the project. A family friendly renovation must consider every potential problem based on the ages of any children, the goals of the family and the current condition of the house.

Focus on One Area at a Time

Extensive projects and renovations are time consuming and the risks will increase if several rooms are handled at the same time. Instead of handling each project at the same time, focus on one room or area of the house at a single time.

Focusing on a single room or area of the house will provide a safe space for the family. It also ensures that the project will be handled within a set budget.

Handle the Risks First

Old homes can have unexpected risks and concerns. For example, a house can have dangerous materials like lead paint or asbestos that must be removed before starting on any projects.

If a renovation has a specific risk that must be addressed, then handle the problem before starting on the adjustments and changes. Remove any dangerous materials from the house as quickly as possible and do not allow any children near the renovation when there are health risks that can arise.

Set Clear Rules for Family Members

Due to the risks that can arise during a home renovation, the family should have clear rules about the tasks that they will handle and the exposure to the area that is being renovated. For example, if a bathroom is being updated, then the family may select color schemes, tiles or similar materials; however, the removal of materials and placing new tiles should be handled by a professional.

Set clear guidelines about the full extent of personal involvement in the project and the behaviors that are not appropriate near the renovation to ensure that the entire family is on the same page.

Old homes can have several concerns to address and a renovation project is an interesting way to personalize a home. The key is focusing on the safety of the family and taking measures to limit risks so that the adjustments are as smooth as possible.


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