Nume Travel Set – Gotta Have It


I love to travel!  Whether we are headed out for the day, week or even month I'm eager to pack and head out the door, but sometimes that takes a little longer than I'd like.  I found a new travel set that you're going to fall in love with just like I did – the NuMe Travel Set!

NuMe Travel Set – Gotta Have It

I love how this kit can fit my makeup inside and be ready to go in seconds.  The only downside is the travel case is a little large so if you're planning on not checking luggage it will take up a decent chunk of your carry on.  Let's take a look inside.

name travel set

The essential NuMe Travel Kit  includes everything you need for beauty on-the-go:

  • Dry hair with the Ionic Dryer
  • Straight styles with the 100% Tourmaline Straightener
  • Wow waves and natural-looking curls with the 1” Curling Wand with interchangeable barrel

At home I rarely dry my hair, usually because I usually don't need to shower and be out the door within a short time frame, but I love the Ionic Dryer while I'm traveling.  I have a Nume Curling Wand I use almost everyday when I'm at home because I can have wavy hair in about 10 minutes and look put together, rather than picking up my kids with bed head and pjs while giving the impression I'm at home watching soap operas all day.

As you can see in the video you can easily dry your hair and straighten or curl it easily, from start to finish it takes me about 20 minutes, but my hair dries quickly.  Besides the NuMe Travel Set I use a paddle brush, hair clip and hairspray to get the style perfect and keep it that way.

nume Hair

My tip to make styling your hair quick and easy: divide your hair into sections!  This works great for drying and styling your hair because with easily manageable sections the hair dries quicker and you get a similar all over style.

One thing I really like about NuMe is they have fabulous sales!  You can get your hands on any of their products at a reasonable price by waiting for the sale that fits your needs.

NuMe is my favorite brand when it comes to hair styling; they offer great products at great prices that everyone will be happy with.

What NuMe product do you want to try?

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