What Not To Do When You’re Trying For A Baby


Are you and your partner trying for a baby? Deciding to get pregnant is a momentous time in your life, and you’ll probably be doing everything you can to get it right – and to get your baby’s health off to the best start possible. So, you’ve got your folic acid sorted, and you’re feeling pretty hopeful, all that should be left is to enjoy the baby making process! But what if you’re doing the wrong things, and you don’t even realise? Don’t panic, help is at hand with our comprehensive guide to what not to do while you’re trying to conceive…

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1.    Get the drinks in

If you think you’re going to be expecting a baby sometime in the near future, you might be tempted to go for it with the booze while it’s still ok to do so. After all, you’re going to be pregnant for a whole nine months – so you’d better make the most of your pre-pregnancy time, right? Unfortunately, this is not a great idea – too much alcohol can have an impact on the hormones in your body that are responsible for making you fertile. You can still have the odd glass of wine or two, but big binges will make you less likely to get pregnant.

2.     Become an ovulation bore

Yes, of course, keeping an eye on your ovulation is a good idea, and there are lots of kits on the market to help you find out the best times to try for that baby. However, being obsessed with tracking your cycle and instructing your partner to have sex whenever your calculator tells you to will kill any romantic vibes between the two of you. Making a baby is supposed to be an enjoyable process, for both of you – so put the cycle trackers to one side and just have fun!

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3.     Lie on the couch all day

Being pregnant and giving birth is a major undertaking for your body. A sports person wouldn’t prepare for a physical endurance test by lying on the sofa watching TV all day – and you shouldn’t either. You don’t have to become an Olympian in training to make sure that you’re physically fit enough for the demands of pregnancy and birth, but staying as active as you can and taking regular exercise will certainly help.

4.     Shop till you drop

Yes, we know that shopping is really fun, and a great way to destress while picking up some fabulous treats – but when you become a parent, you’re going to need every spare penny you have. Babies are expensive little gems that require a whole host of paraphernalia from the very start, including car seats, diapers, formula, clothes and much more besides. They grow out of stuff unbelievably fast, so you need to have the cash to keep up. As well as the costs of keeping your little one fed, clean and clothed – you should also be thinking about their future. How are you going to fund their education? Is college on the cards? And don’t forget about all those times they’ll be asking you for a few dollars here and there – it all mounts up!

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5.     Freak out

Are you panicking because you’ve been told that you’ve got a uterus that tilts forward? Don’t worry, you’ve got just as much chance of conceiving as anyone else. Are you worried that you’re not getting pregnant as soon as you start trying? That doesn’t mean anything either – if you’re in generally good health and your partner is too, there’s probably nothing to worry about! The one thing that can prevent you from getting that bun into the oven is stress, so make a conscious effort to relax – and talk to your doctor, who should be able to alleviate any concerns that are making you tense.

6.     Smoke

You’re not pregnant yet, so you don’t need to worry about those crafty cigs until you are, right? Unfortunately, smoking can have an impact on your ability to get pregnant – and it will also affect your general health negatively. If you get out of breath going up the stairs due to your smoking habit – how are you going to handle being in labour? It’s also worth remembering that smoking can cause babies to be born prematurely and to have health problems – so put out those cigs!

The most important thing you can do when trying to get pregnant is – relax! If you’re wondering what it will be like when you do have a little one growing inside you, read this article. Have fun and enjoy your pre-baby time – it won’t be long before your life changes forever!

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