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We've all been there just married finding our way in the world as a couple and trying to make ends meet.  The new web series, Newlywed and Broke, is trying to make their debut with a laughter inducing struggle to make and save money.  I know I've had a few good laughs from the videos they're sharing on the campaign right now!

Newlywed and Broke is the modern day I Love Lucy that deals with a couple during their trying time of job loss and financial hardships in hilarious ways!  The goal of this campaign is to product a TV quality web series that will first air on the Newlywed and Broke website.  Once they are established they hope to pitch networks for support!  Just think you can get in on the ground level of a soon to be hit TV Series!!

Support Newlywed and Broke on Indiegogo

Newlywed and Broke on Indiegogo

What are other in the entertaiment industry saying about this comedy?

The Newlywed and Broke crowdfunding project marks the first time that crowdfunding campaign manager, John-Michael Scott and crowdfunding campaign promoter, Philip Cardwell have joined forces in support of a crowdfunding film project. “When John-Michael called to explain the shows concept and the previous accomplishments of the group involved in the project, I felt obligated to take a look. What I saw, was a well-crafted, hilarious pitch for, what I believe will be, a future primetime TV series,” stated Philip Cardwell, Founder of Universal Media Consultants.

You can read more about it in this press release!

One of my favorite videos is from their Broke Tip Tuesday series!  This one is great and I should take this pointer on my I'm just going to window days because we all know that just doesn't work.

So how can you help support the project?  That's simple hop on over to Indiegogo and pledge what you can in support of their amazing broke tips and to make this web series a reality!  Then share some social media love and let the world know you are supporting the campaign and they need their help too!

What's the best part of this campaign?  It is non-profit and sponsored by Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization, and contribution are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law!!  Go and show some love today and donate: Indiegogo!

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