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As you've noticed I am big into the NO EXCUSES and brining back my healthy lifestyle so I can shed a few pounds and feel great about being me! ¬†It would also be nice to fit some of the clothes I've had to hide in the back of my closet, but that's our little secret ūüėČ . ¬†When ZonePerfect presented me with this Blog Forward Challenge I knew that it was something I had to take part in. ¬†First off I knew that I could use a kick in the butt to get back on track and I knew that it might be a motivator for all of you to follow along. ¬†So the challenge begins!

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I will be given three separate challenges throughout the year (January, April and July) that I have to write about and ZonePerfect provide me with motivation and inspiration to keep going!

The first is all about New Year, New Challenge!

Have you ever heard of SMART Goals?  I actually did a vlog on SMART goals way back when I needed the personal motivation to keep going, you should check it out!  But back to what a SMART goal is:

Specific ‚Äď pretty simple make your goal as detailed as you can

Measurable ‚Äď make sure there is a way you know if your goal is actually accomplished

Attainable ‚Äď make sure you set a goal that is most important to YOU

Realistic ‚Äď you must be both¬†willing¬†and¬†able¬†to go after this goal

Timeline ‚Äď set a deadline for yourself

If we aren't able to hold ourselves accountable we will never accomplish the task/goal/resolution we set out to do.  So I say take a moment and really think of how you want to feel, look, and be once this goal is accomplished and then write out a SMART goal for yourself!  Anything is possible if we put our full intentions into it.  A few of the goals I set for myself this year are:

1.  Healthy Lifestyle РBy my birthday (March 24), I will lose 15 pounds so I can feel my best and have less back pain.  I will accomplish this by making healthy choices and adding healthier foods to my diet, drinking more water, and getting active.

2.  Motivate Others РBy the end of 2014 I want to be a life coach of some form so I can help others get on the path to making themselves happy, living healthier lifestyles, and remember why they love themselves.  I want to turn my many life experiences into knowledge to share with others especially those who are trying to balance a busy life.

3.  More family fun time Рno excuses as a theme for 2014 is the perfect match for adding more family time where we can travel, enjoy each others company and try new things.  If we spend more time together as a family we will be happier, healthier and maybe I can learn patience!  If we do one major family activity together a month I will feel this goal has been accomplished!

I thought this was fitting for the family fun time, grab a pdf copy by clicking on the image!

The family that plays together stays together

For those moments I might want to forget about my goals and lose all motivation –

Dear Laura,

Stop with the lazy pity party! ¬†You are the one leading by example at choosing a healthy lifestyle, ¬†treat yourself better and your family because you all deserve it. ¬†When something goes wrong just yell, “PLOT TWIST” and move on! ¬†The end is in sight and you will be thankful you got off your butt and put down the potato chips. ¬†Just think of comfortably fitting your clothes again, so worth it! ¬†And always love YOU because you're pretty awesome!

From the former you.

That's right I am pretty awesome!  It is always nice to be able to look back and remember the moment when you wrote a note to yourself knowing you would need the motivation at one point.   So join me on this fun challenge to rediscovering who I am again and conquering some pretty fun goals!

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