New Roof in Ann Arbor Michigan

As a homeowner it seems like projects are never ending especially when the weather starts changing and we can start up on new outdoor projects.  One project we always put off is a new roof because of knowing if you actually need one and the best time of year to install one.  Let's answer those questions we all are wondering.
New Roof in Ann Arbor Michigan

How do I know I need a new roof?

Your roof should always be checked and keeping an eye on the current state of the roof is always a good idea.  The following are signs that you may need a new roof:

  • Your roof is between twenty and twenty-five years old
  • The shingles are excessively cracking, curling, or they are blistering
  • There are many shingles that are missing and are torn or damaged
  • The roof is leaking in many places

Still not sure?  Contact the professionals at a2roofing in Ann Arbor to get a free on-site assessment and quotation.


When is the best time of year to get a new roof installed?

To get a new roof in Ann Arbor, Michigan the best time is right now.  Roofing contractors work year round but for an uninterrupted roofing project and reliable weather now is a perfect time, let's take a look at the five reasons why:

  1. Weather – dry conditions are necessary for roofing installations and work day become more predictable in the summer.
  2. Materials – one thing you might not realize is some roofing materials require temperatures above 40°F for proper installation.
  3. Savings – a huge benefit to having a new roof is improved insulation and energy efficiency.  That means replacing the roof today can help you save on your energy bills tomorrow!
  4. Spring and winter damage – snow, rain, winds and other unpredictable weather patterns can damage your existing roof and now is the perfect time to set that right.
  5. Vacation – you might be able to get a better time slot due to others being on summer vacations before the kids go back to school.


A new roof is a serious investment and shouldn't be taken lightly.  Do your research and find a company that fits within your budget and timeline.  By choosing a family owned and operated business that puts their customers first, you will get the best service in the industry including:

  • Free Estimates & Inspections,  they never charge for quotations and provide complimentary top-to-bottom interior and exterior roof inspections to help determine what your individual needs may be.
  • Lifetime Warranty,:  every new roof installed comes with a lifetime warranty because their roofs are built to last!
  • No-leak Guarantee,  their new commercial and residential roofs are durable, strong, and tough, made to resist harsh Michigan weather including rain, snow, hail, wind, ice, and the hot summer sun.
  • Emergency Assistance,  The roofing experts are always on call 24/7, year-round to answer your emergency roofing calls for help.
  • Insurance claims assistance, if you need help filing a homeowner’s claim for a roof that was damaged by harsh weather conditions, a2roofing will assist you by filling out paperwork, taking photos, and documenting any damage for your insurance company.


Start planning your roof replacement with the assistance of the professionals in Ann Arbor Michigan.



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