It’s Never Too Early: How To Prepare Your Child For College


Whatever you kids’ age, there are some things in life that you can plan for or come to expect. You can expect to plan for birthday parties or perhaps things like baptisms or christenings. You can expect to pay for school supplies and piano lessons, for instance. One thing that you can also plan for, even if it is quite far off, is their college education. It is both you and them that needs to be planning for it, and it can start early on. So if you’re thinking what can you do to help them along or give them a little push to college, if it is right for them, then here are some ways to help you prepare them. I hope you find this useful.

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Help them to choose the education they want

When it comes to a college education, there are two options; four-year University or a community or junior college. Both will have different implications and also have different requirements. So it is a good idea to know what will be best suited to your child. If they have a certain career goal or profession in mind, then that is an important consideration too. They can’t go on to medical or law school, for example, if they haven’t been to a four-year University. So that is all to think about when planning with them for the future.

Prepare them academically

When you help to prepare them academically, it means that they will achieve better grades in school, and they’ll be better equipped to learning when at college. So think about preparing them for that as soon as you can. It could be that you help them to take some advanced prep classes in high school, or enroll them in some pre-college summer programs throughout the school break. You can do things at home to help them prepare too. So think of everything as a learning opportunity, and it will help them to have a well-rounded knowledge of a number of things.

Prepare the financially

Having open and honest conversations about money with them as they get older is a good way to prepare them for college and just ‘the real world’ too. You could help them to set up a savings account if they don’t already have one. You could help them to get some part-time work to help fund their education, or even set them savings goals or things that they need to buy for themselves like a laptop or other learning tools. It is worth looking at scholarships with them too. Then they can focus if there is something that they need to be doing in order to qualify.

Teach them financially

As part of preparing them financially for college, teaching them the ins and outs of finances is another important aspect. It can help them to budget and live within their means. When it comes to college, especially living away from home, it can mean even more debt. But there is no need if it can be avoided.

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