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When it comes to watching tv in our house Netflix is our first pick!  I love how they have something for all ages and it is the only service we subscribe to now, saving us a lot of money.  Whether the kids are watching on their own, we're enjoying a family movie night or the adults have time to indulge on some of our favorite shows everyone is happy.

Netflix Picks for Tweens

This time Cheyenne helped me put a list together of shows she loves watching and she thinks your tweens will too!  She is in that phase where cartoons are starting to be a bit too young for her but some shows are a little too mature, her picks are a lot of fun:

  1. Degrassi: Next Class
  2. Freaky Friday
  3. Ever After High
  4. Full House
  5. Gilmore Girls
  6. Dawn of the Croods
  7. Project Mc²

Exciting announcements from Netflix on upcoming shows include:


The Greenhouse is a live action series set in an elite boarding school in Southern California called “The Greenhouse.” Students are divided into two rival houses that must join forces to conquer challenges when an evil plot is uncovered. Paula Yoo (West Wing, Defiance, Eureka) is adapting with showrunner Giora Chamizer, who wrote and created the original series. Nutz Productions, a subsidiary company of Ananey Communications, will produce the series for Netflix.


From Hasbro Studios comes an animated action/comedy series about overscheduled teenager Jake Armstrong and his two best friends. When the trio are accidentally exposed to an experimental chemical, they become STRETCH ARMSTRONG and the FLEX FIGHTERS, a team of unlikely superheroes who expand beyond the confines of their lives and embark on a series of adventures. The 26 episode series marks the first time Hasbro Studios is creating original programming for Netflix and will be available to members in late 2017.

LALALOOPSY – Fall 2016

This new Netflix animated series featuring all new original music brings to life the popular Lalaloopsy girls. Viewers will follow the incredible misadventures of six friends and their pets through a whimsical world. By celebrating the magic of creativity, these friends can weather anything together.  Lalaloopsy encourages viewers to express themselves in a magical, musical and silly way.  The all-new 13 episode series will premiere this fall.

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