NeedToMeet ~ Finding The Perfect Time to Meet


Getting people together for meetings, parties, or other events with minimal phone tag and lengthy email chains can be challenging.  NeedToMeet takes all the guessing out of the planning and has the art of timing down to a perfect science!



NeedToMeet ~ Finding The Perfect Time to Meet

We’re all pretty busy these days. In additional to everything we’ve got going on there is always something new we’ve got to organize and schedule. I’ve found that finding a time for something as simple as a cup of coffee with my girl friends is pretty complex:

  • First I have to propose some dates and times and send an email or text.
  • Then the typical response chain ensues.
  • A day or two later we may agree on when to meet.

I figured there must be a better way and voila, there is an app for that!! I came across This is a site and mobile app that allows me to set my date and time choices and my friends select from them letting me know which ones work for them. This is such a time saver, I love it!! Hard to believe its totally free.

The calendar is simple – just start clicking to organize events and invite others.

Next time you want to get together with the girls, plan an office meeting or meet up for coffee let NeedToMeet do the leg work for you!  You'll be surprised at the stress it takes out of planning and trying to get everyone together in one place all at the same time.  All you have to do is fill out the details, send the invites and watch the responses come in!  The holiday season just got a lot easier.

Find a time that works for everyone!

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