Need a New Family Car? 4 Crucial Traits to Look For


With more than one-third of American families taking a vacation during any given summer, the search for the right vehicle to get them safely to their destination is an important consideration.

If you’re planning a trip of your own, either for the holiday season, or sometime next summer, here a few tips of what to look for to find that perfect family-moving machine.

Where’s the Space?

If you’re headed on a long trip, you obviously want enough seats for your entire family to be comfortable. In addition to having space to carry people, though, you must consider room to carry all their stuff. We’ll call it their “accessories.”

Some models that offer great leg room for passengers skimp on cargo space, and vice-versa, so you need to find the best compromise for your family size and cargo-hauling needs. If the back end of a vehicle just won’t cut it, consider a vehicle that utilizes a roof rack to allow you to greatly increase the cargo space.

Where’s the Entertainment?

As technology improves in vehicles, there’s no reason to be bored on a long road trip. With dual screens, HD video, and more available on all the popular family-hauler models, you never have to hear that infamous question, “are we there yet?” again.

At the same time, sometimes the best entertainment comes from what’s outside your vehicle, instead of inside. Finding a vehicle with large windows and good sight lines, as well as a panoramic sunroof, can allow your family to truly enjoy the great outdoors that you’ve traveled so far to see.

Where’s the Money?

While it’s great to have a brand-new vehicle to whisk you away on your road trip, it’s also important to have enough money left over to be able to enjoy yourself while you’re on the trip. Shop for next summer’s vacation vehicle at the end of the summer before to save big.

Also, to be sure you get the most for your current vehicle, consider selling it outright rather than trading it in. Especially if your vehicle is older and in poor condition from lots of fun family trips, having cash from U Pull & Pay for your old vehicle when you head to the dealership could be your best option.

Where’s the End?

Another, less exciting trait to consider for your next family vehicle is reliability. It would be a huge shame if you got halfway to your destination, only to break down in some unfamiliar city.

Do your research ahead of time, and make reliability your most important trait. Don’t be taken in by all the bells and whistles that will entertain you on the way to your final destination before determining if the vehicle will get you all the way to your final destination in the first place.

Final Thoughts

Buying a new vehicle can certainly be challenging, especially when juggling all the wants and needs your family has for a car that will haul them all.

Focusing on a few important traits, however, will allow you to cut through the clutter of all the different models that are available, and find the absolute best one to fit your needs.


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