My Travelling Week In Review



So as many of you know I flew to Vegas last Friday for the Affiliate Summit conference, which had a record number in attendance.  I was honestly overwhelmed and didn't have a clue what to do, who to talk to, or even what to think at times….more on that later! I do have to say that when I was actually honest and told people how I was truly feeling they were extremely accommodating.  It is easy to forget that at some point everyone was in the same position and they were feeling the same thing so it is easy for them to relate if you just speak the truth.  I guess you could say my piece of advice for this week is:

We never know what anyone is feeling unless they are HONEST with us and we are willing to LISTEN, so we need to open our eyes to what's around us and ask questions.  We may just be surprised at the response!

I was lucky enough to not be along most of the time at the conference, my husband attended with me, and I am able to access all the seminars after thanks to my VIP pass.  There were a lot of companies to talk to, people to meet, and social events to attend that it is hard to just plan a schedule let alone take in all the information.  I am however disappointed in the mobile and internet connection at the conference and hotel, I had issues over the 4 days I was there and was unable to post anything but was able to share a few things via social media!

Looking back I have to say one of my favorite parts of this past week was travelling with the kids, they are getting independent and are wanting to do more things on their own now.  Our daughter who is 6 can successfully pack, go through airport security, be responsible for her own ticket and carry on plus help us with her brother.  I guess we just need to start giving them the opportunity to show us they are able to take care of themselves rather then just do everything for them.  I know that after this trip I will be asking her for more help in our everyday routines!

I am off to enjoy our last day in Vegas which includes a trip to Red Rock as well as a surprise for our daughter tonight, she gets to attend Disney On Ice with her Grandma!! Tomorrow is an early flight so wish us luck as I can't see the kids going to bed early on their last night in Vegas.  Be sure to keep an eye out I have LOTS of pictures to share of my adventures over the past week.  I posted some pictures on Instagram and shared some of the journey on Twitter so be sure to check them out!

I'm going to sign off for now but can't wait to hear what you think of my pictures!

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