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I have to say I love my new blog planner so much I'm doing a giveaway with Paige from Eloping Stethoscope!  She is awesome and when she says quick, customized delivery she isn't kidding!  I seriously had mine within 24 hours and it was perfect.  I purchased the deluxe blog planner from her shop Eloping Designs because this is what my planner looked like before:

For me this was total disaster but I didn't know what else to do.  If you've been following along on my blogging journey I just started all of this in February so it is very new to me I didn't realize that there was so much organization and planning that went into running a blog that is socially interactive and people actually follow.  No complaints on my part I'm just learning really fast that this is essentially like a business so I should start treating it like one!

In order to get organized I knew I needed a little help so I started searching around and one of my sponsors – Paige – happened to have a sale on Facebook for her shop!!  Coincidence?!  I think not!  She has lots of other amazing products including jewellery and other printables be sure to check them out at Eloping Designs.  I made a purchase then and there and eagerly awaited the arrival in my inbox. To my surprise she sent me an email almost right after purchase with a few questions I needed to answer so she could customize for me and then she finished before lunchtime the next day…can you say fast service?!

The Review

I knew that there had to be something out there that somebody already designed because it would take me forever to make it just perfect.  I did a good old google search and found a ton of free planners but none were just what I needed considering ad spaces, stat tracking, weekly post schedule, monthly schedule, group giveaway, to-do list, link up and the list goes on.  I'm not sure if this is what every blogger does or not but this is what I have to do to feel organized.  And you can see why:

I give the deluxe blog planner a 5/5

Why you might ask.  For $15 you cannot beat the value that comes with this package that comes as a pdf.  I can honestly say it was almost instant delivery and fully customized with my logo, ad spaces, colors, and a perfect to do list.  The deluxe version also comes with up to 3 edits, trust me you probably won't even need 1.

I've been using it for about a week now and I truly love it I feel more organized and I can reprint any pages I feel like, because I like my notes to be neat and organized so if I mess up I can just reprint!!  I'm even thinking of switching it up and printing it to fit in a smaller binder so I can carry it everywhere I go because I like it that much.  I am using the pages in combination with my Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery binder that has an inside pocket, zip pouches, little sticky notes and bookmarks, and dividers so I am now super organized!

Ok, I do have 2 minor things that I would change (and might ask for in an edit) are:

  1. The monthly page to have 5 weeks instead of 4 – this is super picky but when you're like me and total type A it makes sense
  2. The weekly stat tracker was a little more customized to include alexa ranking, unique page views, and best day for traffic that week – just me being me again!
Overall you will LOVE making this purchase, Paige is amazing to deal with and wants you to be extremely happy with your purchase.  The questions she asks before designing your planner are guaranteed to deliver the product you've been waiting for!

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