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When you are a busy Mom and have a ton of electronic stuff laying around that the kids don't use anymore you are probably like me and thinking who can sell your stuff and make the process simple?

And by simple I mean the least amount of work involved for the biggest return I can get.  I would like the whole process to be:

  1. Simple
  2. Quick
  3. Hassle Free
  4. No additional fees/costs
  5. Get my money quickly

Now you might ask how can you do this.  I have tried the online auction thing but it really gets old after awhile and can be time consuming especially dealing with questions, shipping, and paying fees.  I was actually surprised last time I used shipped something at how expensive it actually was, I guess I am so used to emailing I don't spend much time in the post office.

I stumbled across a company –

Music Magpie is a fantastic new service that gives you CASH for your unwanted CDs, DVDs & Games. We make getting CASH for your unwanted CDs, DVDs & Games EASY! Simply enter the barcodes of your items into our Valuation Engine and we’ll give you an instant price – Cha-Ching!

The whole process fits my criteria exactly!!  You can start right now with these simple steps:

  1. Enter each of the items you want to sell into our Valuation Engine to get an instant price! 
  2. Sending your items is FREE! Just use our FREE Send Service or FREE Courier Service and we’ll do the rest!
  3. GET PAID by Bank Transfer, Cheques, in e-Vouchers or donate to charity!

The best part?!  You can even do it on the go with the iPhone, Android, or Facebook app!  The best part is the service is available in the United Kingdom, Germany, and USA!  The site is full of tips and tricks to help you save money and make the process simple so why not de-clutter and make some cash today.



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