Mrs. Potato Head’s Packing Essentials


Our countdown has officially started and we're almost ready to hit the road and drive 18 hours to Las Vegas!  Who knew I would actually be excited about getting into the car with the kids and dog solo and making the long trek.  We've taken Mrs. Potato Head's Summer Travel Essentials into consideration and now I'm sharing her packing essentials!   In honor of Disney Movies Anywhere’s “Pixar Summer Movies To Go,” the tasteful ‘tater reveals her spud-tacular packing essentials you won’t want to miss.  We're excited to hit the road with these fun essentials.

Mrs. Potato Head's Packing Essentials

Mrs. Potato Head's Packing Essentials

Mrs. Potato Head says: “I’m packing your extra pair of shoes!”
Don’t be a couch potato on your summer vacation; head outside and explore. When you’re packing your bags, make sure you’ve got comfortable shoes in your luggage. Nobody wants sore tootsies!

“And your angry eyes, just in case!”
Who wants to get angry-eyed in the blazing sunshine? Nobody! That’s why it’s important to pack your sunglasses. If your eyes need some extra help, don’t forget to take your spectacles and contact lenses, too.

“A dime!”
A few dollars will certainly help ease your summer vacation needs. It also helps to have a credit card for any unexpected incidentals, as well as the purchase of the odd souvenir or two. See if you can seek out a bargain!

“Cheese puffs!”
Don’t forget to pack some snacks for the journey. If you’re a picky eater, it might be wise to add a few of your favorite munchies to your suitcase to ensure you’ve got lots of treats to eat while you’re away, too. Mmmm!

“A spare set of lips!”
Mr. Potato Head can swap his lips with a spare set if they become chapped or sore in the sizzling sunshine. Non-spuds can’t do that, which is why it’s a good idea to pack some lip balm for your travels. Pucker up!

“A key!”
It’s always a good idea to keep all your essentials together in one place, including your keys, money, ID and passport. Be a safe spud on your travels; don’t be a loser this summer!

Never forget to apply sunscreen in the scorching summer sun… Or, you’ll end up baked!


In the meantime visit Disney Movies Anywhere that’s packed with Pixar Summer Movies To Go.  You’ll find something for everyone and keep the road trips fun and exciting for everyone.

Safe travels wherever the road might take you!

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