Moving to a New Home? 5 Ways to Make the Move Easier on Your Family


If not done correctly, moving can be incredibly stressful. Everyone’s rushing around trying to get everything done at once without a plan set in place. Not to mention, there’s that feeling of unease that comes along with the unknown. Preparing ahead of time will help you and your family members get through the move and retain your sanity.

Keep Everyone Aware and Informed

When it comes to moving, knowing what to expect can do wonders in making a person feel like he’s ready. For this reason, you’ll want to let your family know how the move will play out beforehand. Also, you should go out of your way every now and then to remind them of what still needs to be done. Making a checklist that everyone has easy access to, will help you accomplish this.

Ensure that Each Family Member Has a Comfort Item

Having a comfort item around for each member of the family is a good idea. By applying this one, simple strategy, everyone will be less stressed out and better able to cope with all the sudden changes taking place. For you, this could be a chocolate candy bar. For your child, it could be his favorite stuffed animal or a special blanket.

Unpack Your Belongings with Music

There’s something you can do to make the unpacking process more inviting. Turning on music will truly come in handy for this step. You should choose songs you know your family will enjoy, too. This is sure to make the unpacking aspect of moving less of a pain for everyone in your household.

Refrain from Emptying Drawers

Do you ever find yourself doing things the hard way? Maybe you’ve been thinking you’ll need to empty out all of your drawers and pack your clothes separately; however, you should know that it doesn’t have to be this way. As long as the dresser is secured well enough for the transfer, you can leave your clothes right where they are.

Moving Vehicles

Many times when families move, they have more vehicles than able drivers. So unless you are planning to sell that extra vehicle, you are going to have to find a way to move it from your old home to your new one. Companies like Dependable Auto Shippers can help you make sure your vehicles makes it to your new home safely.

Moving into a new house is a big deal. That’s why you and your family will want to be prepared for it as much as possible. By taking these steps, you’ll find that the move is a whole lot easier to manage.

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