Movie Review: Baby Geniuses and the Mystery of the Crown Jewels


We are firm believers in giving our kids atnetion and doing things they like so when it comes to family movie  night we let the kids pick!  This week is was the new Baby Geniuses: Baby Geniuses And The Mystery Of The Crown Jewels.  We got the popcorn out, pajamas on, and cuddled up on the couch for a family movie night!

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The funny thing is Cheyenne (6) picked the movie because she thought her little brother (2) would love it but it isn't really a big kid type of movie!  And guess who was the one who couldn't take their eyes off the movie…yep, the big kid.

So what's the movie about?!

Hidden beneath Bobbins Daycare in Washington DC is the top-secret headquarters of The Baby Squad, where super genius babies use their secret baby language to solve mysteries all over the world. And when an evil genius baby steals the Crown Jewels from The Tower Of London, the toddler team – along with Aunt Kylie – zaps across the globe to investigate. It’s a mission filled with amazing gadgets, awesome inventions, international intrigue and hamburgers, too. But can a pint-sized mastermind with a huge plan for world domination outsmart our government’s brainiest diapered detectives? Skyler Shaye, Casey Graf, Rob Bruner, Jamie Andrews and Academy Award winner Jon Voight star in this all-new adventure from the producer of BABY GENIUSES 1 & 2 and the director of SOUL SURFER.

I found myself laughing a lot during the movie, I would have to say it is one of the better ones that the kids have picked out recently.  The kids are now speaking with accents and reenacting the movie so I take that as a “2 thumbs” up from them!  I found it entertaining to watch them get into the movie and cheer on the Baby Geniuses as they solved the case.

I recommend this movie to families with young kids because it is family friendly and good for a laugh!

You can purchase this DVD by visiting Amazon!

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