Month Of Meditation Complete!


So don't get me wrong I am one to ramble but when it came to writing a post about meditation I was at a loss I had no idea on how to put my Month Of Meditation into words.  I could describe the feeling for the most part I felt more calm, relaxed, peaceful and rejuvenated ready to conquer the world!   I even got to the point where I was able to use it as a “pause button” in between impulse and action, also manifesting fun and playful things and being appreciated of what I have in my life that I would like to have more of.  I even found that when we get so caught up in ourselves and our emotions we can use meditation as a retreat to let go of it and just be!  Even if you only take a moment to reflect, that moment can turn your day in a whole other direction and put more positivity into your day.  I decided that meditation was part of who am I am a part of my every day life, a new habit that allows me to live with no regrets and go after what I want!!  Wow, that was major for me.  With the help of my girlfriend she put my whole meditation feeling into words, a big shout out to Jody, without you this post would not be possible. xo

So how to put into words meditation……..I'd say something like once you “get” what meditation brings to your soul, you won't be “finding” time to do it, you will be doing it because your addicted to the “good feeling” you get from it. It's like showering…..we shower because it wakes us up, makes us feel clean and refreshed. We don't make time to shower, we “want” a shower because it makes us feel great. Such is meditation. Or like eating…..we don't eat because we make “time” to eat, we eat because we are hungry….we need to eat to feel good happy and satisfied. So once you learn the benefits meditation gives to you and your body and life, it will just become part of your basic daily routine.

There may not always be 30 min to meditate, but there is always 10 mins! And there is just as much benefit in 10 mins!

What is the feeling like……it's like when your in vacation, and your laying in the beach in the sun….listening to the sound of the waves, your mind is calm and clear if thoughts because you know in that moment, there is nothing to do! That's the feeling of meditation…..10 mins feels like hrs of laying peacefully in a beach in a tropical island with calmness you only get on vacation. Once you learn you can recreate that feeling every day in 10 mins, I assure you, you won't be making time to meditate because you “should” you will be doing it every time you have 10 mins……in the am while your sleepy and pressing snooze, before bed when your laying there trying to quiet your mind, when the kids are driving you crazy and you finally amuse them for 10 mins(or when they first go to bed and your outside the door so they stay in bed…..).
I find guided meditations are the best because even though your mind is clear, and the benefits are the same, it gives your mind something to concentrate on(listening to what you should do).


Once again thank you so much Jody, and I love how you related it to an actual real Mom moment or two!  All I can say is I'd love to get more input for posts from you Jody all I want to do now is go to my beach retreat right here in the house!

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