Money Saving Tips This Winter


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Winter’s on its way and it's getting very cold. If you are dreading looking at the bills for the next few month – don’t! Here are some of the best money-saving tips this winter.

Hot water bottles

Buy a hot water bottle for everyone! People don't seem to use these anymore as they are seen as ‘vintage’ – but they are great! They work 100%, and they stay hot for a long time too. The tip to correctly using one is not to fill it up completely, leave a little space at the top and then slowly press out the air, then close the top. Make sure it's sealed properly by turning it upside to see if anything leaks. Then you're good to go. You can even sleep with this safely.

Why not make a cover for them! This is a fun activity for you and the kids, and everyone will have their own unique hot water bottle!


Drop your water heater temperature. Ideally, the hottest temperature you like your showers will be the maximum you can go up to. You won't even know the difference. This will now burn a lot less energy which puts your savings back in your pocket.

Close unused rooms

Close the doors to all the rooms that you don't use. Maybe you have a computer room that you only go in on the weekends, so turn the heating off in there and keep the door closed. If you don't need it – don't use it.

Warm clothes and blankets

Everyone knows that if you add layers, you'll warm up. So turn down the heating and add a jumper! You will be surprised on how much money you will save by doing this.

Turn down your thermostat at night

There's no point keeping it on high at night. Before you go to sleep try and turn it down, by the time you're snuggled up in bed, you won't realize the difference in temperature.

Air seal your home

Maybe your house is too big to keep heated all the time, but you don't necessarily have to jump to the conclusion that “I need to sell my house fast,” think about air sealing your home instead. Have a walk around and see where any drafts are coming from, under doors, around the windows, etc. Once you've found them, all you have to do is close them up with caulks and sweeps. Both of these tasks are surprisingly easy, so you don't need to call anyone in – you can do it yourself.

Cook meals at home

When you're cooking a meal in the oven, you're not just heating food. An Oven isn't a perfect insulator, meaning heat does escape. Make the most of this!

Once your meal is done, keep the oven door open until it’s cold. This will slowly disperse all the heat into the room!

Just make sure your children and pets aren't anywhere near it.

There are many things you can do to reduce your bills this winter. With these tips, you should have a head start on saving your money, so try a few of them and see what works best for you.

Your bank will love you for it!

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