Money Making Methods For Stay At Home Moms


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Saving money is rarely easy, especially if you’re a stay at home mom. The good news is, you can make money from home. That way you can be there for your children, and still ensure you’re earning. Taking the pressure off your partner by making extra money will make your lives easier. But, what kinds of things can you do? Here are some money making ideas you may not have considered!


If you’re already at home with your children, it makes sense to turn childminding into a career. If you know someone who’s looking for childcare, you could start your business straight away. Make sure to set out an official agreement to ensure things stay above board. Casual arrangements can end in disaster if you aren’t paid. If you want to go down a more professional route, set aside time to do a childminding course. This may take you away from home for a while, but it’ll be worth it. Work out childcare during the duration of your course. Then you’ll be free to make money while caring for your children! If you enjoy it, you could continue childminding once your kids are in school.


Getting to grips with the investment world could allow you to make money without doing much work at all. Once you have an understanding of how stocks and shares work, you’ll know the best places to put your money. Sites like The Fortunate Investor can help you on your journey. It’s best to have a little money set aside before you go into this option. It’s also important to mention that you stand to lose your money if you don’t invest it wisely. Make sure you know what you’re doing before you invest!

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Blogging can be a lucrative way of making money from home. If you have a niche blog idea, don’t hesitate to start up! Being a stay at home mom could itself be your angle. Bear in mind that blogging can sometimes take a while before it earns you money. You need to build up an audience to make your blog lucrative. Most of your money from this option will come from advertising. Advertisers won’t be interested if you don’t have a large enough audience. If you can afford to wait a little while before you start making money, this could be the right choice!

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Renting out a room in your house is another way to make money with little effort. If you have a spare room going to waste, this could be ideal. Bear in mind that this option does involve sharing your house with someone you don’t know well. When you’ve got children in your home, you want to make sure that they’re safe. Take the time to do the relevant checks on the person moving in. Again, it can help if you already know someone who’s looking for a room. That way, you have the added assurance of being able to trust your lodger without worry!

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