Moms of Fashion: How to Make Sure Your Kids Dress Modestly and Fashionable


With today’s fashion trends, it may seem as though you have to sacrifice your child’s fashion simply for the sake of ensuring that they are dressing modestly. Fortunately, there are ways you can ensure that both your sons and daughters are fully covered and fashionable at the same time.

To ensure that your kids are dressing modestly while remaining highly fashionable in their every outfit, try each of the following tips.

Do Your Research

It can be hard to afford the pieces of clothing that your children really would like because they may be feeling pressured to wear name brand clothing like they see their friends doing. If your child is particularly drawn to a certain silhouette or shape of clothing that is typically found in a name brand, do some research and see if you can find those shapes or similar articles of clothing in less expensive stores. This can even help your son or daughter find clothing of similar shapes and sizes to that of name brands with options that include sleeves, looser waists, or longer lengths.

Customize, Customize, Customize

Tee shirts, sweatshirts, and jeans will never go out of style. The designs that you find on this type of clothing is what actually goes out of style. Your child will likely just be frustrated that 14 other girls or boys in their classroom have the same exact pattern in the same exact color. In order to make these timeless articles of clothing truly stand out, try customizing them.

You may choose to customize belts. Belts can add a particularly fashionable statement to any outfit. You can make your own belts from fabrics from your local craft store that simply tie around the waist. You can take an existing belt and add gemstones, patches, or embroidery to make it extra special. You can even take a white belt and tie dye it to your desired pattern.

If your child loves bright colors and would have fun making patterns and designs, consider tie dye. Tie Dye is one fashion statement that never seems to go out of style. You can take a simple tee shirt and tie dye simply patterns like hearts, rainbows, and flowers, or you can tie dye complicated patterns like turtles, peace signs, and snowflakes. Both boys and girls will love being able to customize their own tie dye clothing.

You may even choose to customize using embellishments to staple pieces in your child’s closet. Your daughter may wish to have more beading and glitter than your son, but both genders will love embellishments that show off their personality. You can buy fabric glitter and fabric paints to draw designs and add sparkle. You can bead small designs like flowers and hearts onto pockets. You can even lay down a few designs cut out in cardboard and spray a little bleach from a distance to fade the clothing in the surrounding areas.

Give Your Daughter Peplum For Days

Peplum designs in shirts and dresses has become an exceptionally high-fashion option for young girls and adults alike. Peplum silhouettes give the appearance of a small waist and will give you the option to add belts as you see fit. The wonderful thing about peplum shirts and dresses is that they hide any areas around the waist that your daughter may be self conscious about. These items truly flatter any shape and any size making your daughter feel like they fit in no matter what circumstances they may be facing.

Take Home Advice

Modesty never has to be compromised in the face of fashion. There are plenty of ways you can dress both your sons and daughters in clothing that flatter them, show off their personalities, and cover their bodies in modest and meaningful ways.

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