Mommy Blog Designs DYOB Giveaway 2 Winners Ends 7/21


 Real Momma is thrilled to present the Design Your Own Blog Giveaway!

MommyBlog Designs has an amazing variety of services to offer all the bloggers out there to help them get the blog design that they want! Now with her newest service the Design Your Own Blog (don't worry no technical experience required) bloggers everywhere can have their dream design at a low cost! You can check out many of her wonderful designs that she has displayed HERE . The owner of Mommy Blog Designs the wonderful Ro Little also created Powered by Mom's blog design, in fact she did the original design and the current one that is just fabulous. If you haven't seen it check out Powered by Mom's page HERE for yet another fabulous design created by Mommy Blog Designs. 

Mommy Blog Designs has 4 levels of service: have the 4 levels of service … Pre-made designs ($69) DYOB ($149) Custom Blog Designs ($499) and Custom Website Design (From $699). We're excited to sahre the DYOB service!

Here's a bit about the Design Your Own Blog (DYOB) Services and right now until August 30th, 2013 you can use this coupon code: PBM10 to get $10 off ANY service! GO HERE if you would like to check out more and/or get some of her services.

It’s kind of like a choose your own adventure book … but for blog design!  

Step ONE:  You get to have TONS OF FUN picking and choosing all the different elements in your blog design … and then …

Step TWO:  We will take care of all the work and technical stuff for you!  We pull all the elements together and create a concept draft for you.  We then email that concept to you.

Step THREE:  You may have 1 revision.  Say for example, you decide you don’t like how the header looks with the background.  No problem!  Just let us know your one revision and we will adjust it.

Step FOUR:  We then take care of all the technical stuff!  We fully load the complete new design right onto your blog within 1-3 business days!

All you have to do is spend a few minutes looking at all the options select the ones you like best … and let us do the rest!  Simple as that!!

The items you will be choosing are: (click on the links below to get a sneak peak at the options.  No worries … these will be shown again during the order process.  We promise to keep this as simple & fun as possible for you!)

  1. Color scheme
  2. Your favorite fonts
  3. Page background
  4. Header design
  5. Navigational menu bar
  6. Number of columns and page layout

Two lucky readers will each receive a Design Your Own Blog package valued at $149 each! Now go and enter and get your custom design! GOOD LUCK!




  1. I’m kind of partial to the Paige Design since my DD7’s name is Paige – Ro is my neighbour so I wonder if she named it after my DD 😉
    I don’t have a blog but I do guest blog on my friend’s blog for her business. I have been playing around with the thought of having my own blog – I did design a blog for another friend’s business (very basic) but think that winning this would jumpstart my blogging venture!

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