Momma Bears: 5 Things You Should Do After Your Child Has Been Bitten by a Dog


One of the most devastating accidents to occur to children are when they suffer from dog bites. Dogs can attack children due to various causes, which can lead to minor or severe injuries. As a parent, there are a few important steps to take if your little one suffers from a dog bite.

1. Seek the Help of a Therapist

Getting attacked by a dog can be challenging for children to overcome due to the fear that it instills. They may relive the emotional trauma for many years to come if they don't work through their emotions. Seek the help of a professional therapist who can sit down with your child and discuss the events in a way that helps them to recover.

2. Get a Lawyer

Hire a dog bite injury lawyer to seek compensation for your medical bills and to learn more about your rights. A lawyer can represent you in court and walk you through each step of the process. They'll help you to prove that the dog was dangerous, that the defendant knew of the dog's dangerous tendencies, and that the defendant was careless and allowed it to roam freely.

3. Visit the Hospital

Your child will need to undergo an exam by a medical professional to get treated for their injuries. Your child may need a few stitches or a cast, depending on the severity of the bite. They may also need to see a physical therapist to regain mobility of their body.

4. Keep Your Child Busy

Help your child stay busy and continue to have fun after the incident to keep their mind off of the trauma. Schedule activities that include going to an amusement park or taking a trip to the movies. You can also invite their friends over for a sleepover or take them to the zoo to boost their mood in the weeks or months following the attack.

5. Get a Tetanus Shot

Check with your family practitioner to ensure that your child is updated on their tetanus shot. Getting their shot can protect their health and will reduce the risk of obtaining a disease even if it's a small bite.

When you want to protect your child and help them to recover after suffering from a dog bite, there are several steps that you can take to help them move on from the incident. With the right level of care provided, they can recover physially and emotionally over time.


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