I Might Be A Little High Maintenance – Travel Story


If you know me I am easy going can be outdoors getting dirty and having fun in the mud, changing tires, dressing up for dinner, or enjoying a VIP party on the rooftop of the Paris Hotel.  But my husband likes to let me know on numerous occasions that I might just be a little high maintenance.  I can tell you I don't think I am but I do enjoy some of the nicer things in life!

On my journey back from LINK2013 I realized this might just be true…but don't tell him that!

Flying from Toronto into a small town in BC is a challenge to say the least I had originally planned on taking the red eye and having a couple layovers, one being 4 hours, to get back home in a round about way.  I ended up catching an earlier flight out of Toronto and into Calgary (landing at 11 pm)  in hopes that I could take a direct flight home in the morning and enjoy a nice sleep in a hotel rather than in the airport.  I even had Frank check out some hotels online for me and message me with who had availability.  Boy was I WRONG that this would be simple.  Ugh.  Let's just say the airline wasn't that accommodating to get me home easier so I was hoteling it for a short 6 hours.

That's where another problem occurred, I walked across the concourse at the Calgary airport to get a room at the Delta since it was so close but they were all sold out.  They were kind enough to tell me that no hotel airport would have any rooms available either.  Luckily I whipped out my phone and took a peek at what Frank had sent me.  Let's just say some of his choices weren't ideal for me I like to stay somewhere clean that I know I will be safe.  So I phoned the Radisson.

Radisson Calgary Airport Lobby

They answered the phone politely and had me set up with a room and picked up from the airport in under 20 minutes!!  Now that's fast service.  The driver went above and beyond to ensure I was happy with my choice and to make sure I had all my questions answered as my bags taken care of.  He also filled me in on the details of the hotel including that it was only 20 days old!!  Can you believe that a brand new hotel.  I have to say I love the Radisson ever since we stayed there while visiting Sweden.

When we arrived at the hotel I was amazed at the modern appearance that was full of luxury.  My room was truly amazing for even the 4 short hours I was able to sleep.  They have all the fine details taken care of from bottles of water to heated tiled floors!  Seriously you need to check them out.  So I leave you with this…

When you receive exceptional customer service make sure to go out of your way to THANK the person who is helping you!  Everyone appreciated a compliment and a thank you.  Don't disregard the employee who answers the phone, drives the shuttle, or checks you in because they're people to!

Radisson Calgary Airport

I can tell you I will be headed back to Calgary very soon to enjoy an actual stay at the hotel and to eat at the restaurant, I might even enjoy a glass of wine or two at the wine bar!  They even made my day by tweeting me back in the morning after I was so excited about my stay!


Just so you know I wasn't paid for this post I just wanted to share because they truly made my journey home so much better and I wanted to let everyone know!

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