Math Education Chess Set from Yamie Chess


I've started thinking outside the box when it comes to children and education.  I find that with all the technology grabbing the attention of kids nowadays it is more important than ever to allow them to learn and have fun on their own terms!  That's why when I saw Yamie Chess – the math education chess set I had to find out what it was all about!

“Playing chess helps children develop thinking and analyzing skills, concentration, greater self-control, and self confidence.” (2007)

– U.S. Former President Bill Clinton

Math Education Chess Set yamie chess

Math Education Chess Set from Yamie Chess

Math is the basis of the hard sciences, and forms the language through which physicists, engineers, chemists and computer scientists communicate their work and ideas.

Yamie Chess is a new math learning aid for kids' education that is launching at New York Toy Fair 2014!  This made in America game has endorsements from Harvard/MIT math PhDs and created by U.S. educators and engineers from MIT, Caltech, Columbia, Vanderbilt, Stanford and the University of Arizona.  Yamie Chess is a K-8 math learning aid for STEM education (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), based on classic chess.

Yamie Chess Makes the Sun Shine On Math!

Ben McGahee is on of the math teachers at Yamie Chess and does math videos for kids!  He makes learning fun and entertaining at the same time.  Yamie Chess uses educational cartoon chess universe to support learning throughout the game and help young children develop an intellectual framework and cure math phobia!

Education has never been this fun!  Yamie Chess has taken math education to a whole new level allowing children to absorb knowledge while having fun.  If you're a parent who wants to encourage education you'll want to order your own copy of Yamie Chess ASAP!

Yamie Chess provides a consistent academic framework to help prepare children for college.

You won't want to miss this education opportunity as Tigermore & The Mind Angels take you on a math adventure in the educational Yamie Chess game!

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