Making Money During Your Retirement: Ideas To Get You Started


Going into retirement means, we can finish our working life and spend more time enjoying ourselves. From spending time with family to immersing yourself in your hobby, there are plenty of activities to keep yourself occupied. However, while you might have grand plans for your retirement, your savings might not be sufficient enough to make them possible. As you are unable to return to work to make money, this can leave you in a difficult situation. Thankfully, there is a way of preventing this from happening.

There are plenty of ways retirees can make some extra cash to top up their savings. From paying off your mortgage to days out with friends, this money can make a world of difference. So to find out to make money during your retirement, read through the following ideas.


Leverage your Home Equity

If you are struggling financially, a home loan may help you to regain your financial stability. However, typical home equity line of credit (HELOC) or loan agreements may add to your financial stress by requiring you to pay monthly loan or mortgage bills. An alternative to that is to obtain a reverse mortgage, which involves receiving money, not paying it. You can set up terms with your reverse mortgage lender which will allow you to get monthly payments from the lender, get one single large payment, or withdraw money on your loan as you need it. Regardless of the terms by which you receive the money, paying it back in full will not be required for as long as you continue to reside in your home. The lender will recover part or all of the loan amount from the sale of your home after you vacate it.


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Sell your expertise

You have a lifetime of knowledge, skills, and expertise that could be useful to others. So consider going freelance. If you used to be a teacher, you could offer to tutor your neighbor's kids in exchange for a small fee. You can also do this if you are an accomplished musician or have experience coaching kids sports. Another option is to offer your services to smaller businesses in the forms of workshops and one to one sessions. They can use what they learn from you to improve their business. You could also get in touch with your previous employer to see if there is any opportunity for contract work.

Complete online surveys for cash

If you consider yourself to be tech-savvy, this could be the ideal option for you. Many companies such as My Survey, will give you money for giving your opinions and completing their surveys. The amount of cash you get will depend on the survey website you decide to use. Generally, the more surveys you fill in, the more money you will generate. This can then be deposited directly into your bank account. The length and style of the surveys will also vary, but they usually only take a few minutes to complete.

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Make money from your hobby

Many people start or rediscover a hobby when they begin their retirement. But have you considered that it could be a way of making money? If you are creative and enjoy making jewelry or knitting scarves, you can sell these online or at fairs. If you are a skilled sewer, you can sell your creations or provide tailoring and dressmaking services. Creations made from wood or repurposed furniture can also help your retirement savings grow. Hobbies such as golf and fishing might not seem like obvious money making ideas. But you could tutor other people for a fee or sell your catch of the day. If you haven’t got a hobby but want to make extra money, look online for lucrative hobby ideas.


These are some of the most popular money making ideas available for retirees to use. You can use them as little or often as you like to help you enjoy your retirement to its fullest.


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